Why We Resist God

why-we-resist-god-hierarchiesWe resist the idea of God and become bored with the religious practices associated with him/her, not because God is boring, but because we relate to God in the way that we related to our parents and elders as children; as an authority figure in a hierarchical (pyramid) system. If our authority figures were domineering and controlling in even the most subtle of ways, there will be a natural tendency to resist such tyranny to feel free. Resistance is an attempt to gain back personal control without being outright disobedient and rebellious to an authority figure, it gives people the illusion of compromise and freedom, as they must still do what is expected of them, but they get to do so in such a way that they are able to control a piece of the decision making process that the authority figure cannot.

Authority still exists outside of the confines of this good vs bad duality game, not as a hierarchy of control though, but as something that is found within, an authority to be and act as a Sovereign would be and act. This inside-out approach to authority is much different than a hierarchical system of domination, as it is not something that is outside controlling a person, but rather something that is inside and integrated as a part of them. Once God is no longer an outside-in authority figure, but instead an inside-out experience, it will be perfectly natural to be and act in ways that are in alignment with the highest good of each individual, free of all resistance to laws and hierarchies.

Why would a person need to resist another person or being if they are feeling absolutely powerful, from the inside-out? They wouldn’t, because God from the inside-out grants individual power and authority from within the Self, while God from the outside-in is a hierarchical figurehead, patriarchal or matriarchal, enforcing rules, laws, and judgments on those below them, along with a system of external rewards and punishments—this judgmental god is the outside-in authority.

The task then is to stop trying to be a good person in an outside-in system, and to change the pattern of relating from outside-in to inside-out; this is the new challenge!  To change the pattern, you must keep asking “why” questions until you’re fully inside-out. Outside-in people and systems are always about the “how” to accomplish something, and they do not value or appreciate the “why” altogether. In unity, there is a perfect balance of “why” and “how” questions and answers, but people need to ask “why” enough to dig themselves back into the inside-out pattern, where personal power and authority resides.

Do you serve an external god of rewards and punishment, or are you One with God, living a life of absolute Sovereignty, from the inside-out?



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