Why the Mixture Ratios within Orgonite Matter

From what I understand about Orgonite, the metal in the mixture is meant to “accumulate” the Orgone Radiation (OR), and it will do so by attracting both the Deadly Orgone Radiation (DOR) and the Positive Orgone Radiation (POR) varieties. It is the crystal(s) job within this mixture to transmute any DOR that it does accumulates into POR. Wilhelm Reich’s original work was all about the organic (resin) to inorganic (metal) combination of attracting, and sometimes projecting, OR, but since he didn’t discover the benefits of crystals within his accumulators, he would place them in regions that were high in POR and far away from DOR.

So theoretically, if a crystal(s) is placed within a resin mixture without many metal shavings, it will have the capacity to transmute DOR into POR, the mixture just wouldn’t have a strong capacity for accumulating a high flow of DOR to transmute it into POR. The metals/resin mixture pulls and attracts the OR of what is around it, DOR and POR, which is why orgonite Tower Buster’s are thrown near DOR sources, to accumulate and then transmute the toxic energy into POR.

I read a post from an online orgonite vendor, and he had purchased over 50 pieces of other vendor’s orgonite the past 10 years, and he said that 50% that he tested with an “Ion Air Tester” did absolutely nothing to the environment. Of the remaining devices he tested, 50% of those registered low to average in their ability to accumulate and transmute DOR into POR. He attributed this statistic to the lack of metal in relation to the amount of resin in the pieces he tested, as it should be a 50/50 ratio between the two.

My first batch of orgonite compared to mini muffins I purchased online.

My first batch of full sized orgonite tower busters compared to mini muffin TB’s I purchased online.

In my first two batches of Tower Busters, I used stainless steel pot scrubbers, and although my muffin molds were filled to the top with metal, it wasn’t very dense, and there was a lot of wasted space. Even though it looked full, it was at probably only around 30/70, metal to resin; it wasn’t nearly as dense metallically compared to some of the other devices I’ve viewed. I still believe that my batches will test out as statistically average when my Ion Air Tester arrives, but I know that in future batches, I’d like to include a higher density of metal shavings in them.

I know that my first batch is still effective since I placed them near some sick trees with droopy leaves, and after four days, the leaves are perking back up.  I will be doing some posts with documented video evidence in the coming weeks, on how to use orgonite with your gardens and yards.

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