Who’s Really Responsible for our World’s Problems?

I woke up with this…

The parasitic Elite have spent a lot of time and energy getting humanity to believe that we’re the parasites responsible for our world’s problems, in order to generate enough consent to wipe us out and thin the herd. They have carefully planned and orchestrated every climate problem, war, terrorist attack, extremist religious belief and actions, racism, gender confusion, and more, all to convince us that we were the problem so that we might unconsciously agree their depopulation agenda, and openly submit to their leadership.

I call bullshit! While it is our responsibility to wake up, go within to heal and understand ourselves better, there is no way that we can take responsibility for the condition of the world, as no external action can fix the overwhelming mess that they have purposefully created. If we try to play by their rules, then we are trapped by those very same rules and at their mercy (as those who are actually effective always seem to end up dying in some freak accident or overdose). No this is on their shoulders, and it is only their responsibility and karma to worry about; they can reap the natural consequences of their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The only true mess we have on this planet is the massive, well orchestrated conspiracy to suppress our consciousness so that the Satanic ruling Elite could exploit and harm our planet, and trick us into believing that we were the one’s responsible for it. Now that we know who is really responsible, it’s time that we hold them accountable, and instead of us taking their karma like they planned, they can choke on it as we remove our consent. I start with removing my agreement that I am responsible for the world’s problems that they carefully created over thousands of years — let their choking begin!


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