Which Oneness do You Choose?

It is important to be aware of the two different concepts of Oneness being presented in the world today, two that look similar, but at their core are worlds apart; a counterfeit and a real version.

The counterfeit version is a slavery oneness that is closely related to the “ism’s”, such as socialism, communism, and even capitalism, where unity is pushed as a way to consolidate a power base in the form of “equality”; it is nothing more than a return to feudalism on a global scale though, a system of slavery where individuals lack unique expression. This system is meant to ensure that people look outside of themselves for their security and freedom, to keep them disempowered, and is built upon lies and manipulation—which are supported by compassionate programs that lack Self-awareness and depth. The desire of people to believe in lies stems from their fear of the pain that the truth reveals, pain that was present under the framework of lies all along; thus it is a seductive but empty unity.

The second version of Oneness is of emotional integration and interconnection, an increase of emotional awareness and compassion that promotes unique expression, while flowing in tandem with the Divine and creation. This version of Oneness is based on telling, hearing, revealing, and experiencing the truth, in spite of any possible negative consequences. The debt that the lies have created must be reversed through adding to the bank account of truth, which can feel like a long, daunting, and painful emotional process; although in the end, the state of truth is one of everlasting bliss, while lies are just a temporary mirage of numbness labeled as ecstasy. This version of unity is meant to empower individuals to look inside of themselves for personal power, creativity, and sovereignty, for in the truth rests lasting intimacy and power.

There is a subtle cosmetic contrast between the two alternatives that are difficult to distinguish at first, but in their heart they are vastly divergent. The main differences are in the way that the counterfeit lie promotes equality and a disempowering external image to worship, while the truth promotes uniqueness with a powerful, internal God-Self to discover. Those who desire the lie will attract like minded individuals to lie to, and to support their lies, while those who desire to live in the truth will attract like minded individuals with whom to share, support, and to flow with in new revelations.

What do you desire? There are two versions of unity, which will you choose?

~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

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