What is Divine Pollination?

It is communicating from the heart in a way that is safe, intimate, and loving.  We open our hearts and drop our protective barriers to allow each other to know the real us, authentic and true. We get to know and experience each other’s heart essence, the higher us, communicating from a space of unconditional love and vulnerability.  We do not impose our heart upon anyone, but from this space of open hearted transparency, we grant each other full permission to open up and connect into the other to give and receive our deepest gifts. To the degree that we choose to give and receive, the leaps in consciousness that we have experienced will be communicated to the other in the form of a download or files that can be accessed when we are ready for them.

This is a synergistic pollination that will cause humanity to bloom like a flower, and as we learn to communicate in this manner, we will feel safe enough to open our heart to others the truth of who we really are, not who we want people to believe that we are. We are evolving past words and into heart level communication, a hive connection of unity and Christ Consciousness—Divine Pollination.



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