What is Cheating?

What is cheating?What is cheating at its core? Cheating is unfaithfulness, and anytime a person has an expectation of some reality being a certain way, or of a person acting in a particular fashion, and the expectation is broken, it is felt as betrayal of that belief system or expectation. Faithfulness is a unity consciousness BEING state, but when it is split into two (duality), it is experienced as the “cheated on partner” feeling either tolerant or critical. They are either BEING tolerant of the perceived infraction, or they are BEING critical of it, but in either case, because the BEING state was fractured into two, it can only be experienced as either/or.

In order to bring the BEING state back into the One of faithfulness, the expectations need to be understood by the one experiencing the pain, because the one acting out the unfaithfulness is only mirroring this fractured BEING state of their partner. When the cheated on partner understands why their beliefs and expectations are as they are, the roots of their fracture, they can transform it into something higher, which will allow the cheating partner to reflect new actions to the Source that is experiencing the discomfort. In this way, children are perceived as cheating on their parents all the time, as they act in ways that violate their parent’s expectations, but in reality, they are only faithfully mirroring the beliefs and generational patterns of their parents.

Often though, the partner DOING the actions (the mirror) will attempt to make it better by not acting in such a way any longer. However, it isn’t natural to do so, since they are now lying about the Source’s fractured state of being, attempting to reflect something that is not true. Simply put, the cheated on partner needs to understand themselves enough to reintegrate their dualistic opposites, allowing for the BEING state of faithfulness to radiate once more; then and only then can the mirror faithfully reflect something new.

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