What are Twin Flames

In this video on Twin Flames, we answer the following questions:

  1. What are Twin Flames? How are they different than soulmates? Twin Souls?
  2. What is a soul formation?
  3. What is the purpose for Twin Flames? Is their purpose the same for all Twin Flame couples?
  4. Dharmic vs. Karmic relationships
  5. Sacred sexuality fit in these relationships?
  6. Do I have a Twin Flame? If so, how do I find mine?
  7. What is a Twin Flame placeholder?
  8. What happens after I meet my real Twin Flame? Do I get to live happily ever after?

Total video length: 50 minutes



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  1. Conscious says:

    What a lovely video! Many people are under the impression that everything is easy when they meet their twin flames, not knowing about the mirror aspect.
    Conscious recently posted…20 Indisputable Twin Flame SignsMy Profile

    • Thank you! Yes, a lot of people are still running their “Disney fairy tale programming”, and aren’t able to distinguish between their beliefs and real life. Understanding mirrors is definitely a key distinguishing factor though, eh? Wishing you a wonderful weekend! <3
      Nathan & Aline recently posted…Inside-out vs Outside-in HappinessMy Profile

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