We’re Uniquely One

Blume des Lebens -  Erde -  Heilige GeometrieThe following are various quotes and links to articles that we’ve written that sum up our view on Unity Consciousness, Oneness, and Uniqueness.  We feel it is important to highlight the difference between equality and uniqueness because equality is a dangerous ego trap that keeps a person repeating old, limiting patterns that create suffering, while uniqueness is the result of self-realization, wholeness, and regaining personal power.

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“The One supports the One.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Awakening is the complete understanding of a person’s unique role within the mosaic of the greater whole, it is a total surrender to fulfill their special function in support of the One — for in unity, the One supports the One.” ~Nathan & Aline

“We are not meant to be the same as each other, but individual and unique in relationship to one another.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Sameness is not harmonious or in unity, but is instead a lack of Self-awareness of a person’s own specific, honed, and unique role and tasking in life. However, harmony is the many unique roles coming together to support one another as a unit; which is Oneness.” ~Nathan & Aline

COMPARISON VS. UNIQUENESS: “Anything that is “special” because of a comparison between two similar things is only possible from a belief in separation, far from intimate, it is quite the opposite — a disconnected lie. Special is only such when it is unique, as uniqueness is unity, oneness, and intimacy; thus a unique special is connected and incomparable, while a comparative special is a contradiction and nonsensical.” ~Nathan & Aline

THE DOMINATION GAME: “Fairness is how we’re kept in the Matrix, it is still a part of the domination game…we pull out of the “pyramid of power” once we are “self-realized”, knowing who we really are as unique and boundaried on the outside, and yet eternal in depth on the inside.  Sameness and fairness is just the goal of the “ism’s”, capitalism, socialism, communism, fascism, feudalism, etc…  at least it’s the goal for those controlled, while the controllers get to live a completely different lifestyle of domination and corrupt power. ” ~Nathan & Aline

COMPARATIVELY SPECIAL? “Society has taught us to get caught up in comparisons, they are pushed by our media and social structures as the reason why we are special or successful; competition is everywhere. The return by some to experiencing life as “unique” is a refreshing one, however, most do not realize that other words for “unique” are “oneness” and “unity”. Equality is not Oneness, it is sameness — being unique is what makes us One.” ~Nathan & Aline

SCHOOL SYSTEMS: “The vast majority of humanity’s school systems are intentionally designed to box up children into prepackaged robots that will perpetuate society’s status quo, and then label them as “successful” as their reward for obedience. These systems are nothing more than institutionalized violence against children, forcing them to look outside their Self for approval, well-being, direction, capability, and identity; instead of inside where their unique passions, roles, functions, purpose, and Self-expression is found.” ~Nathan & Aline

THE ONE WITHIN THE ONE: “We are each ‘the one’, but even if ‘the one’ who follows us is ‘the one’, is ‘the one’ supporting ‘the next one’ not as necessary? Leaves need the branches, which needs the trunk, which needs the roots, which needs the sun, the soil, and water; each is ‘the one’ within ‘the one’ supporting the other ‘one’. So it is that each person is unique and has a specific purpose and function within the greater whole; this is not equality, this is unity.” ~Nathan & Aline


“Oneness without individuality is enmeshment and slavery. Individuality without Oneness is separation and selfishness. The two must be in balance within the One, which allows uniqueness and connection.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Sometimes its easier to change your perspective just a hair, so instead of making life “fair”, which involves measuring between sides; winning, losing, and sameness….try seeing life as “unique”, which is about unity and individuality. The pursuit of fairness dissolves when you make your life a unique one.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Although love is not diminished by loving more than one person, what most people miss is that we are evolving towards unity. Universal love, love for all humanity, is the highest form of love you can experience in duality, as it deals with equality in your loving; however, in unity, love is not equal, it is unique and one. Therefore, to wonder if love can be diminished in the higher realm of unity is a question that doesn’t make sense, for it is based on a concept that doesn’t exist there. Unity is not founded in a system of weights, measures, and scales, for each expression of the divine is unique, and is relating in a unique way, much like fitting together multiple puzzle pieces. This is why ideas like cheating, betrayal, and jealousy do not exist in unity, they are concepts that are only found in separation. You cannot add or take away from love, but you can uniquely experience it.” ~Nathan & Aline

“The opposite of tolerance and intolerance is oneness. In oneness, the uniqueness of all things are appreciated, whereas tolerance is concerned with fairness. When things are fair they are equal, but equality is not about being unique, but about being the same. When you are experiencing oneness, you do not see the world as fair or unfair, right or wrong, and thus have no need for being tolerant of others beliefs or views, or of being intolerant of the same, you only experience compassion and gratitude for the unique choices that consciousness get to express in varying ways. We are all a unique expression of consciousness, this truth is oneness.” ~Nathan & Aline

“We are all unique but not all equal. Equality is the ego’s attempt at fairness, but in unity fairness doesn’t exist, it’s a blurred perspective that sees life filtered through expectations and limiting beliefs. Duality attempts fairness while unity breeds unique expression.” ~Nathan & Aline


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