Victim, Villain, & Savior vs Student & Teacher


The victim replaced the student archetype (template), and when that happened, the teacher became the villain. However, if we are able to realign our victim as a student, the teacher will again appear, as it is said, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

We each have both archetypes within us:

“If I am the victim, then I must also be a villain, and if I am the villain, then I must also be a victim; both the victim and the villain resides within me when I experience life as either a victim or a villain.” ~Nathan & Aline

Each person has two positive and two negative poles within them, where the masculine and feminine are each a battery with a north and a south pole. The two positive poles, breasts for women and penis for men, represent the teachers who provide answers, and they are also the state of “being”. While the two negative poles, vagina for women and chest for men, represent the students who must first ask the questions, and they are also the state of “doing/action”. If the student/negative poles have a fear of what possible answers that the teacher might provide, either through perceiving a lack of freedom or safety, the teacher pole will be a villain in relationship to them, and not the teacher.

To go further down this rabbit hole, and deeper into the illusion of the victim/villain archetypes, a villain can feel remorseful for “being” that role, and instead try to act out of this state of being by playing the role of savior and hero. However, the hero is just a glossed over villain, and still not the teacher template, the power to transform the entire game lies within the victim archetype, to again become the student. When this is accomplished, the teacher will again appear.

There are two pairs of positive and negative poles within each person, the divine and the creation, also known as the heart and root poles. The negative poles ask questions, while the positive poles provide answers; the divine poles govern why questions and provides understanding, where the creation poles govern what questions and provides knowledge. When the two sets work together in harmony, knowledge and understanding merge and output as wisdom. The divine teacher is the feminine, and the divine student is the masculine, while the creation teacher is the masculine, and the creation student is the feminine.

The positive poles are the teacher role and the negative poles are the student role, but if the negative poles are feeling incapable of learning, and thus have low confidence in their abilities, then they will want to be saved from their inability. This desire to be saved, which is the wrong way to be in creative desire, will cause the teachers giving them answers to be assholes. The asshole “teachers” are only such because they have been placed into the position to be a savior, but they can thrive again once the negative pole changes their perspective from being an incompetent student in need of saving–to a competent one. Authentic teachers can only be there for students, not for those in need of saving.

The savior role, which is the positive pole, becomes a hierarchical authority over the incompetent negative pole in need of saving; this means that the negative pole that wants to be saved has volunteered themselves into slavery, they were not enslaved by an external force. Since we sold ourselves into slavery, we can remove ourselves from slavery as well, and to do this, we must revive our belief in our own ability to ask the correct questions, to learn and be the student again.

A sovereign being is a perfect balance of teacher and student, while an enslaved being is a mismatched balance of savior and in need of saving. Until we find our perfect balance and harmony within, in both sets of poles, we will have attempted boundary infractions against us, with people trying to make us responsible for their problems.



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