Unity: Quantitative or Qualitative?

qunity-quality-or-quantityWhereas monogamy is just one partner, polyamory is two or more, however unity relationships are not linear in nature, there is not just one partner, nor are there many; for we will be One at our Source and yet individuated and boundaried in our experience together. We get to experience our relationships in a multidimensional way as a mosaic, where each individual is a unique and specifically placed tile that doesn’t need to sample all of the other tiles in the mosaic, just relating to the unique tiles that are actually connected to it.

While we are all One mosaic, we are not all one and the same, interchangeable with all of the other pieces, as we are each unique and only fit together with our unique soul family. In this way, unity is not a quantitative one size fits all experience and linear search for satisfaction, but a qualitative experience where One means whole, connected to the right people, and living life how and where we are meant to experience it; this is the Divine Marriage of unity consciousness. ~Nathan & Aline

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