Understanding and the Speed of Thought

Vektor - Blume des Lebens - Herz Lotus - ChakraHave you noticed that there is a type of “understanding” disseminated in many circles, where awareness/consciousness has been divorced from the feminine principle of understanding? They believe that to seek to understand something is thinking, which they label as the ego, and that all thoughts are ego; and that to seek is also a childish game of the ego. But what if all thoughts are not ego, but instead, only the unconscious thoughts are? And that conscious thought is slowed down by the unconscious thought patterns, needs, and desires, creating a mixed vibration of behavior and beliefs that sabotages an individual’s spiritual and material experiences.

We would consider this type of limited understanding of consciousness a belief, as it is another unconscious pattern masquerading around as a divine inspiration. To disregard understanding is a strictly masculine view of awakening, as he is undervaluing the deep inspiration and insights that his feminine could bring him. He doesn’t want to seek her divine insights, because then he would need to value his feminine’s answers, which he refuses to do.  Far from being an egoic pursuit, asking questions, and receiving their answers, is the pattern of intimacy between the masculine and feminine, and the closer the trust between the two (within a person), the more seamless the two integrate into One, and flow as One.

respect-love-unity-patternHow can consciousness exist without understanding that which it is conscious of? An unconscious thought is a repetitive pattern, it is done without any understanding of “why” it acts or feels as it does, it just perpetuates because it is its job to perpetuate. But when an individual understands why they act and believe as they do, they have already made the unconscious-conscious, which literally means that they can make conscious decisions and creations free of limiting beliefs and patterns slowing them down. Thus, it is both the lack of, or presence of understanding which determines the speed of thought in which thoughts manifest into material form. A slow rotating thought is full of impure unconscious patterns, while a faster rotating thought is free and clear of unconscious debris, moving at the speed of understanding that the wielder of awareness consciously chooses to go.

Additionally, when a person with this unconscious belief pattern has an experience that they feel as transcendent, where they lose all thought and everything “just is”, it is not because there aren’t any thoughts where they are at, its that they are rotating too slowly to “understand” the speed of thought that is present. In order to perceive such fast rotating thoughts in a mystical experience, it would require the masculine to be well practiced at receiving understanding from his feminine, something that far too few people have placed value upon.

Since the above may take some time to wrap your head around, as it contains a lot of tongue twisting “thoughts” and ideas, we will put it simply here. Consciousness requires understanding “why” in order to actually be consciousness, to have limited understanding is to rotate slower and reveals the internal disconnect of your masculine from your feminine being.

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