Two Ways to Be Present

There are two ways to be present, one is to be present with empty thought-forms and images, which is a shallow counterfeit of presence, as it does not see the fullness of the moment, but an engineered moment. In this form of being present, people see what their avoidance, or a hierarchy of control, wants them to see, and not the truth of that which is actually present here and now.

The depth of presence sees through the carefully crafted illusions though, and is present with how things actually are, no matter how dark, ugly, or far-fetched the truth may seem; in this way a person can be in the world and not of the world, present with what is and not with an illusion of what is hoped for. This desire to be present with the truth allows awareness to penetrate each and every moment; this opens a person up to discovering who they truly are, where they are then empowered to transform their life into one that is more unique and harmonious.

Are you present to avoid yourself, or to find and BE yourself?

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