NymphomaniacAfter having watched the video on experiencing oral sex on the man, for her pleasure ( by One Taste, here are my thoughts and feelings on it:

YES! Making love for yourself is truly divine, as it takes pressure off of the other party to perform, as well as off of yourself. My best experiences have been when Aline and I are making love in this way, however, please do not confuse this with selfish sex, which is immature and seeking validation. Many people have sex for validation, which is ego, the need to feel reassured about their sexual prowess and skills, as well as for their emotional need for validation; and this is can be true for both men and women–especially in tantric circles. In order to gain this validation, they must find sexual partners who are selfish and willing to only receive from them. Self care sex and selfless/selfish sex are two DIFFERENT ways of experiencing sex!

Additionally, moving past the gag reflex, ignoring it to an extent, past the pain to get to the pleasure, is a extremely dualistic perspective on sex. I regularly enjoy throatgasms, via self play on my throat with energy, light touches, or whenever Aline touches my face with a stroke of her hand; I experience zero discomfort with my throatgasms, and they oftentimes can spread to my whole body. I have done this by removing my energetic blocks, which are limiting belief patterns installed at childhood, using EFT and our “Conscious Arguing” process; I’ve had several orgasmic experiences after profound EFT sessions. Removing the pain completely by removing the belief pattern causing the block to sexual energy flow, allows for a sexual experience where there is no pain to move past, and only pleasure to experience.

Lastly, the throat is made from the same soft tissue as the vagina, and has both a clit and a g-spot too, so it is definitely an erogenous zone to explore.  However you choose to do it, with physical or energetic sex, with or without pain, it is bound to yield a multitude of experiences. Good luck in your journeys!!! xoxo



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