The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil; the Tension Orgasm

After watching the movie “Sex: The Secret Gate To Eden” on Gnostic and Kabbalistic sacred sexuality (below), which happens to be right up our proverbial alley, we felt that it didn’t go quite far enough, but it did spark our own insights and connect some dots with our own ‘gnosis”, you can check out our thoughts below the video.

In ancient biblical Hebrew, the word used for sex is da’at, which is translated as ‘knowledge’, it means to ‘know intimately’, it has little to do with academic knowledge, which is based on memorization and reverse engineering of what already is.  Also, knowledge in the Greek is gnosis, which is an experiential knowing from within; for our purposes within sacred sexuality, both da’at and gnosis are about sexual union, and about uniting with the Divine.

It is thought that polarities causes the tension necessary to create life in our universe, such as feminine and masculine, positive and negative, light and dark, and good and evil, that without the tension between these dualistic forces, life in our universe would cease to exist.  However, while this may be the current reality, is it true, or is there other possibilities that lie beyond our current spiritual limitations?

When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we posit that they partook of the tension based orgasm, which is explosive and external in nature, as opposed to implosive and internal found in other types of orgasms; they literally ate from “The Tree of the Tension Orgasm”. Many believe that to get back to unity, a person or couple must abstain from peak (tension) orgasms and master this carnal desire, but we feel it is necessary to understand the tension between the opposites, to integrate the two sides to cause a neutral charge, and thus allow for the manifestation of the tension orgasm to become the relaxed orgasm.


On the ‘Duality to Unity Feelings Wheel’, stress and indifference are the duality split off from the perfected unity state of being relaxed; stress (a synonym for stressed is tension) is the dualistic being state, while indifference is an action (doing state) to avoid feeling stressed, it is avoidance. A person can either indulge in the stress and tension, or they can act indifferent to it; indifference is disassociating from the current stressful reality, it is pretending that the tense reality doesn’t exist; and it is our experience that avoidance cannot lead to enlightenment any more than indulgence can.

To “forgive” the sin of the tension based, good (avoiding the stress) vs evil (indulging the stress) orgasm, it must be understood and neutralized, not avoided or indulged.  Understanding requires that a person or couple indulge and avoid just enough, to look at and observe the fractured being state, and its accompanying behaviors, not to judge and shame it, but to create awareness of why it is fractured in the first place, which leads to forgiveness.  In each pair of split duality feelings, there is a tension between the being (feminine) and doing (masculine) states that needs to be fully understood, and thus forgiven, and as this tension dissolves, gradual relaxed states of orgasm can be achieved.

There is positive enlightenment, there is negative enlightenment, and then there is the Divine Union; the marriage of the dualistic opposites of good and bad, light and dark, positive and negative, and the feminine and masculine into the One.  Will you choose a side and stick with it, or will you integrate the dualistic opposites into your One being state within you?


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