The Source & the Mirror

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The mirrors go away when the creation goes away, therefore, they won’t…there are two partners, the feminine Source (God), and her masculine Mirror (Creation), the Source is able to see herself when she looks into the mirror, it helps her to “know” herself in a more intimate fashion, she gets to see who she really is, as broken, or whole, as she may be.

The problem arises when she doesn’t like what she sees when she looks into the mirror, and judges, shames, and condemns the mirror for the truth he is showing to her. Using the mirrors to find her way back to wholeness is the other option, where she looks into the mirror, sees where she is broken, and makes changes to her state of being.

Feelings are the primary means of responding to what the Source sees when she looks into the Mirror; she feels joyful, powerful, and peaceful, or sad, powerless, and afraid. Whenever she looks into the mirror, she either seeks to understand her reactions, feelings, and responses, or she can choose to remain unconscious of them, and continue on in her illusion that what she detests is the Mirror, and not herself. 

Ultimately though, the mirror is simply her feedback device in which she gets to know herself; and once she fully remembers, the Source and the Mirror become One, each permeating the substance of the other.

~Nathan & Aline

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