The Shamed Feminine

Preconceived notions are a result of images, given to us by society/media and other outlets…The feminine is then put in a place of either ‘living up’ to the images or getting criticized and rejected. (e.g. : porn and the Bible are full of images that are taken as ‘how it should be’ instead of personal experience.)

I will not cater my answer to your expectation (images) but I will give you what you need… It is not up to the asking energy to demand insights to be given in a certain way. Either you want to learn or you want to be served.  The serpent/parasite (false gods) will give you the expectation, and then the fulfillment of this expectation, which is what you think you want, but the real feminine (connected to God) will give you what you really need to wake up.

I will not play the game of trying to fit into images anymore.  I cut the ties to shame for not living up to expectations. I am who I am… When you are ready for DIRECT EXPERIENCE, come see me.

~Aline Van Meer




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