The Seven Sermons to the Dead

Carl Jung is a pioneer in reviving the concepts of Gnostic awakening and sacred sexuality, having brought concepts such as individuation, synchronicity, the collective unconscious, archetypes, extroversion and introversion, shadow work, and more. He did this profound work not only on his own, but with help from his wife Emma Jung, his lovers Sabina Spielrein and Toni Wolff, and his spirit guide Philemon.

The foundation of his later work was originally written in six black diaries, and based on his dreams and visions, which he then transcribed into the beautiful personal volume known as his “Red Book (Philemon)“.  This personal work of art and transformation was concealed from the public until it was finally released in 2009, however, he did print an excerpt, which he released only to students, colleagues, and personal friends, back in 1916 titled “The Seven Sermons to the Dead”.  Below are some excerpts from his Seven Sermons on areas of overlap with the Divine Pollination Hive, as well as links to the full audio book and text of the book.

While we’re at it, for those who are interested, a movie was made detailing his struggles with Freud, as well as his romantic relationship with his patient, and later student, Sabina Spielrein; it was called “A Dangerous Method”, we wholly recommend it.

Sameness vs Individuality:

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“When we distinguish qualities of the pleroma [Source], we are speaking from the ground of our own distinctiveness [uniqueness/individuality] and concerning our own distinctiveness. But we have said nothing concerning the pleroma. Concerning our own distinctiveness, however, it is needful to speak, whereby we may distinguish ourselves enough. Our very nature is distinctiveness. If we are not true to this nature we do not distinguish ourselves enough. Therefore must we make distinctions of qualities.

What is the harm, ye ask, in not distinguishing oneself? If we do not distinguish, we get beyond our own nature, away from creatura. We fall into indistinctiveness, which is the other quality of the pleroma. We fall into the pleroma itself and cease to be creatures. We are given over to dissolution in the nothingness. This is the death of the creature. Therefore we die in such measure as we do not distinguish. Hence the natural striving of the creature goeth towards distinctiveness, fighteth against primeval, perilous sameness. This is called the principium individuationis. This principle is the essence of the creature. From this you can see why indistinctiveness and non-distinction are a great danger for the creature.”

~Carl Jung, Excerpt from Seven Sermons to the Dead, Sermo I

Sexuality is Masculine, Spirituality is Feminine:

“The dead mocked and cried: Teach us, fool, of the church and holy communion.

The world of the gods is made manifest in spirituality and in sexuality. The celestial ones appear in spirituality, the earthly in sexuality.

Spirituality conceiveth and embraceth. It is womanlike and therefore we call it mater coelestis, the celestial mother. Sexuality engendereth and createth. It is manlike, and therefore we call it phallos, the earthly father.

The sexuality of man is more of the earth, the sexuality of woman is more of the spirit.

The spirituality of man is more of heaven, it goeth to the greater [macro].

The spirituality of woman is more of the earth, it goeth to the smaller [micro].

Lying and devilish is the spirituality of the man which goeth to the smaller [micro].

Lying and devilish is the spirituality of the woman which goeth to the greater [macro].

Each must go to its own place.

Man and woman become devils one to the other when they divide not their spiritual ways, for the nature of creatura is distinctiveness.

The sexuality of man hath an earthward course, the sexuality of woman a spiritual. Man and woman become devils one to the other if they distinguish not their sexuality. [If a man tries to be spiritual with his sexuality, or a woman tries to be earthly with her spirituality]

Man shall know of the smaller [dense], woman the greater [less dense].

Man shall distinguish himself both from spirituality and from sexuality. He shall call spirituality Mother, and set her between heaven and earth. He shall call sexuality Phallos, and set him between himself and earth. For the Mother and the Phallos are super-human daemons which reveal the world of the gods. They are for us more effective than the gods, because they are closely akin to our own nature. Should ye not distinguish yourselves from sexuality and from spirituality, and not regard them as of a nature both above you and beyond, then are ye delivered over to them as qualities of the pleroma. Spirituality and sexuality are not your qualities, not things which ye possess and contain. But they possess and contain you; for they are powerful daemons, manifestations of the gods, and are, therefore, things which reach beyond you, existing in themselves. No man hath a spirituality unto himself, or a sexuality unto himself. But he standeth under the law of spirituality and of sexuality.”

~Carl Jung, Excerpt from Seven Sermons to the Dead, Sermo V

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