The School of Unlearning

Magic BoockI used EFT (meridian tapping) to remove many of my belief patterns, and then I found Osho, and when I read some of his teachings, the things I was conveying in classes and to clients was pretty much the same. It is when functioning without beliefs that we tend to understand and operate in alignment with many core truths of the universe! It is from this “unlearned” place that all of the Hive’s Tantric, Gnostic, and other philosophical alignments came from, and not from reading or studying; we unlearned societal conditioning with EFT.  Here is my all time favorite quote from Osho, and the foundation of our experiences together:

“It’s not a question of learning much. On the contrary. It’s a question of UNLEARNING much.”

Every belief pattern we tapped out has changed our worldview drastically, and our sexual experiences also changed as a result. We recently listened to a presentation on the seven hermetic principles of the mystery schools, and Aline and I have been unknowingly working and living them all for the past 6 years or so. It is as if Tantric sexuality, Gnosticism, and the seven principles were always alive within us under all of the societal conditioning. It was up to us to dive into ourselves and unlock them from their prison, as they were hidden behind belief patterns, societal conditioning, and social engineering.

Besides Osho, the only other people that we would mention that have profoundly affected our work, and that we have aligned with, are Carl Jung with his shadow work, anima/animus work, and individuation process, as well as Wilhelm Reich and his Orgone research.  Carl Jung’s processes have been central to ours, however, we also didn’t read much from him, but instead, we aligned with him and started our shadow exploration, masculine and feminine balancing, and the task of individuating from the collective, on our own.  Once in a while we’d bump into a quote or internet article on Jung’s work, but like Osho, it was from unlearning and aligning that we discovered him, and not through study.

Our style of learning and teaching others can be drastically different than what many have come to expect from leaders, especially around Gnosticism and Tantra, but it has served us well. We’ve had quite a few profound experiences, and our clients/students have too, as the result of our unique way of unlearning, processing, and experiencing life.

Reading and studying in this way is the tail and not the head, it allows the process to teach the individual, while study is what connects the dots and filters what is needed through them; the techniques, studying, terminology, and learnings are refined after the true work has already been done; whereas in a traditional school, the individual will study, then practice, and lastly take a test to see if they have mastered the studying process.  Self-discovery is an inside-out pattern of relating, where an epiphany that promotes internal change acts as the passing grade, but in a traditional school, a person is required to learn other people’s materials and discoveries, and then pass or fail based on their ability to digest these external sources; this is outside-in learning, and requires the student to submit to the dominant external materials to pass.  We feel that the school of unlearning is by far the more efficient of the two systems, allowing for an individual to reach a higher level of self-mastery in much less time than it would take if they simply studied and regurgitated other people’s knowledge and wisdom.

This is why students receive 7-15 EFT sessions in our courses, depending on their course selection, while also taking a few classes that connect the dots of what we’re working together to achieve.  We install the pattern of Self-Gnosis (Self-knowledge), where they then become more capable of repeating the process indefinitely without us–a self-sustaining and replicating pattern of perpetual growth and exploration, which perpetuates Self-awareness, change, growth, and mastery.

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