The Misunderstood Matrix of Karma, Reincarnation, and Soul Contracts

“The ultimate difference is that behind the Dark Matrix there is a parasitic force pretending to be God; behind the Cosmic Matrix there is only you forgetting that you are an aspect of God.” ~David Nova

Brilliant article by our friend David Nova, it nails what we have been working on recently, namely, why soul agreements with parasites are here, and how we can revoke them. Today we found that there is an association in the mind between the giving of a gift and an agreement being made, so that anytime somebody gives something to us, we are now in an agreement with them to give them something in return. Additionally, when we give them something, they are also bound by an agreement to return the favor. However, a parasite personality type will avoid their debt and manipulate another person to take it for them, these are considered masters (Archon in the Greek), while the slave now has twice the debt to carry, and must find others to share their burden. This debt can be translated to be understood as karma, which is spiritual debt; money and sex are both material currencies that reflect this energetic concept. Picking apart all of the associations with gift giving, agreements, orders, trading, purchasing, etc., is essential to sovereignty, as gifts are meant to be free and without strings; it is only when a gift is divorced from any returned compensation that we can again experience this sovereign personal power.

Compound interest was also brought up and tapped on today as a part of this understanding, as well as a possible jubilee for those who have been taken advantage of with this debt system. A world wide re-balancing is about to happen that is energetic in nature, and not just in the financial system…I think the dark matrix understands this is coming and is trying to get a grip on it, so that they can eventually bring back their debt system after a few years and keep humanity enslaved. If they can keep the majority of people’s beliefs in debt intact, they can pull them back to their beast debt system after the karmic re-balancing happens, which will coincide with a coming pole shift.

Read David’s fascinating post and prepare to have your mind blown. xoxo

~Nathan & Aline



By Deus Nexus | David Nova

In the last few years, a new esoteric paradigm has emerged on the internet, and on several spiritual blogs, that represent a diametrically different view of previously accepted spiritual systems and beliefs. This sea change may have started from the insights of a few select bloggers, but these new ideas quickly spread across the internet like a wildfire. These ideas resonated with many awakened people, particularly when all the hope and hype of the Mayan calendar date (December 21, 2012) passed without incident and turned into spiritual disillusionment.  A case might be made supporting the link between the Mayan calendar disillusionment and these spiritual concepts that emerged shortly afterwards which attempted to explain why conditions on Earth are still perceived to be predominantly negative.

A House Divided

There has been a big split right down the middle of the spiritually awakened community, to the extent that the term “New Age spirituality” and previously accepted ideologies are now perceived as just another constructed religion from the dark forces to manipulate the masses, whether partially or wholly true.

Here is an imperfect description of this division: On one side of the split we have the awakened who believe that we are now living on an emerging 4th Density Earth, who still believe in clearing karma and learning soul lessons. On the other side we have the awakened who believe we’re still being held hostage by dark (and false light) forces and now believe that reincarnation and soul contracts are the tools of our enslavement. Naturally, there is some gray area in the middle.

What If I were to say that both beliefs are perfectly valid and true?

Personally, I fall into this gray area. I hold no personal judgement for either side, because I see and relate to both sides simultaneously, as strange as that may seem. I can hold two contradictory views and see the truth in both sides. This may be an aspect of my attempt to move beyond dualities. I also feel that only when we begin to view the Universe in a holistic way, as one enormous integrated Being, do we begin to come closest to the Truth of these things.

This split seemed to accelerate after the Mayan date, December 21, 2012, when a lot of folks who were rather superficially invested in spiritual awakening became disillusioned. Others who were invested in a paradigm of miraculous transformation or divine intervention felt quite understandably betrayed. Some writers ceased channeling. Others changed their direction, 180 degrees.

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