The Importance of Feedback & Reclaiming our Personal Power

Each feeling we have is a feedback device, and like a speedometer in the car, it gives feedback about what is going on within each moment. When the feedback is related to any of the three core negative feelings of anger, sadness, or fear, we can look for a similar experience from our first eight years of life (the first eight years is where we get programmed, since we are in an open state of hypnosis until our frontal lobes turn on), examine the similarities between then and now, and resolve any limiting patterns that we may find.

Once we link our current feelings with a childhood experience, we can seek to understand the various angles and patterns that the experience held, and how it has repeated throughout our lives. As soon as the program/pattern has been fully identified and understood, a less restrictive possibility (program) can be installed in place of the old, limiting program. Human nature is not that we are good or bad, it is that we are programmable; it is our responsibility to reprogram the old societal programs with new, better serving ones—ones that are inspired with divine understanding and not cultural, religious, or familial norms.

In this way, utilizing the feedback from our negative emotions becomes an invaluable tool in the process of changing the quality of our lives and experiences, and to reclaiming our personal sovereignty and power.

~Nathan & Aline

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