The Hive is…a Community

Diverse World People Holding Jigsaw PiecesFrom what we have been able to see from within, there are two different awakenings happening, the first is a managed awakening, and it is for those who still feel the need to be saved from tyranny.  Unfortunately, whenever you need somebody to save you, you become dependent on them, and the savior eventually is revealed to be twice the villain as the first villain; out of the frying pan and into the fire, or so they say. The managed awakening will have a honeymoon period though, it will feel liberating for many, and life on this planet will definitely change. This type of awakening is about sameness consciousness, we’re all equal is their form of unity, it is about losing themselves into consciousness, enmeshing, and not individuating their Self from it.

The second awaking is an individuated awakening, the pattern of the torus and flower of life, and is self-sustaining; while it is interdependent, the manifestations flow easily and effortlessly without any need for vampiric or parasitic behavior. Each person will complement the others as a puzzle piece, adding their unique talents in support of the One, for in this type of unity, the One supports the One. Communities of those awakened in this fashion, will strive to support each other in developing their individual gifts, to allow inspiration to flow. Whereas the first type of awakening is a type of communism or socialism, or any other kind of ism, this type of awakening is more of a synergistic pattern of harmony, such as found in nature. 

Yes, awakening is coming to our planet, but in two flavors…our vision for the Hive is that of the second flavor, the individuated and unique variety, not the equal and same variety. Our bees will not be mindless drones lost into bliss, but synergistic puzzle pieces found springing forth from bliss. The Divine Pollination Hive was always destined to be this kind of community, and we’re finally ready to assemble the puzzle pieces. 

~Nathan & Aline



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