The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend?

The phrase “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is one of the most dangerous ego workarounds that the mind can invent, it is selling your soul to the devil to gain some temporary pain relief — out of the frying pan and into the fire, or so they say.

Inviting a hero to save you, no matter how cool their costume, is setting yourself up to for even greater pain and misery, as it gives away what power you think you have, it is the admission and agreement of powerlessness. You give away your power because of the subconscious belief that you are not capable or powerful enough to get the job done yourself; it is the notion that you are in need of a savior to save you from the bad guys, those that you know you cannot prevail against.

This erroneous belief that you are not powerful is there for many reasons, and has been conditioned into you from childbirth on, but one of the core reasons is from a lack of boundaries, and a lack of understanding what boundaries are. A person who tries to tell another individual what to do will be resisted, therefore they must exert pressure on the individual, in effect dominating them as an authority figure, to get something done. If the person or entity that resists is as powerful, or more powerful in the domination game, then a power struggle will escalate, until a winner prevails.

To avoid resistance, and thus power struggles, true boundaries is telling another what you will or will not do, without trying to tell them what to do, it is being clear about who you are and are not, and living your truth without worrying about whether they choose to join or support you. It is living as a conscious creator, a sovereign being who answers to no one, but to Spirit within.




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