The End of Hope is the Beginning of Responsibility

Inaction, tolerance, and appeasement do not prevent bad things from happening, because they are built upon the irresponsible pattern of hope; instead, they actually create, allow, and embolden the evil that you are hoping to avoid, to manifest into a dark reality. In order to avoid such catastrophe, a person must set firm and loving boundaries, however, setting limits is not an action but a state of allowing your full energetic being into your body, and that can only happen through losing hope. The end of hope is the beginning of taking responsibility for your life, and being responsible for your life means that you know who you are, and where your boundaries begin and end – bad things cannot happen to such a person. ~Nathan Martin

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2 Responses to “The End of Hope is the Beginning of Responsibility”

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  1. David Nova says:

    Great post! So true. After all, what is hope? Just the belief that we are somehow incomplete or lacking in some fundamental way within the present given moment. As true immortal beings, that belief is ultimately an illusion.

    These days, I find that people often reject the idea of setting boundaries as being “judgmental.” And nobody wants to be perceived as being judgmental. However, using common sense discernment and being outwardly intolerant are two entirely different things. One is simple self-protection and the other is a fearful attack.

    • Yes, definitely David, discernment and being judgmental are two different things, I even made a tapping video on this distinction earlier this year! We do like to allow ourselves to be critical, judgmental, and intolerant sometimes though, as long as we learn the message about our own limiting beliefs, so that we can replace such things with self-awareness. Untangling our messy beliefs one knot at a time! LOL! Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

      (Here’s the video on discernment, for those who are interested: )