The Dangers of Hoping for a Messiah

russell-messiahDiscernment is a severely lacking asset in many people, without it, they can be lead astray with the slightest winds of change; it is of the heart and connected to the concept of purity. Discernment does not give the benefit of the doubt because it is highly conscious and sees things for how they really are, rather than just hoping for relief from how things really are.

Judgment, on the other hand, is not about purity, but instead about morality; and morality is based in unconscious beliefs and patterns programmed in through childhood experiences, such as family life, religious dogma, trauma, school, the media, and social engineering. When a belief is transgressed by an outside person, a person has two options, the first is to be critical of the broken expectation, while the second is to be tolerant of the behavior–both are a lie and are thus of the ego.

Speaking of messianic figures, many people are relieved to hear what Russell Brand has to say because they do not have the ability to discern who he is as a person, or the purity of his message, this is done from a space of hope, which is a powerless feeling. Hope is literally the opposite of being responsible, it gives away responsibility for personal power to another person in the “hopes” that the person who receives their power will save them from their powerlessness. As you can see, hoping is a counterintuitive way to regain personal power, as giving it away to gain it is an endless energy drain that can only stay imbalanced. However, the people must stop giving away their personal power through hope in the first place and BE responsible, this allows for personal transformation and an upgrade from belief based morality into personal responsibility, which grants the capacity to discern that which is and isn’t pure.

A charismatic leader, one who is able to appear sympathetic with the frustrations of the people, is necessary to herd them towards the Elite’s ultimate goals; but the Elite created the problem in the first place! After engineering the problem, they create controlled opposition to the problem, the controlled opposition then makes statements that resonate with the wounds of the people, and offers the solution that the Elite wanted from the very beginning—in the case of Russell Brand, a Socialist Egalitarian Utopian Society. This is the essence of the Hegelian Dialectic, Problem, Reaction, Solution; the Elite create the problem, which is the Illuminati, bankers, corporations, fascists, etc., they then foment a controlled reaction with a messianic opposition(s) of their choosing. Finally, their chosen messiah gives a solution to the people, which is the solution the Elite were steering the people towards all along.

If you haven’t already, I highly suggest that you read the article “Discernment” by Laura Bruno, it is a scholarly piece that nails the issue at its roots, which is the Elite’s desire for a revolution, as all external revolutions are easy to hijack and manipulate to consolidate their control structures even further. I too desire a revolution, but one that begins and ends within the heart of each man, woman, and child, one that is internal rather than external; this will actually change the world, not just give relief to a those that hope that the world is changing.

Understanding is the key, which is the product of shadow work and Self-exploration; and as Aline and I are fond of saying:

“To upgrade your discernment, seek understanding”, “you cannot change that which you do not understand”, and “understanding is the catalyst of forgiveness.”

Divine Love,

For more on the differences between Discernment and Judgment, please see the following EFT tapping video:

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