Unity Tantra Sessions

Unity Tantra is about the uniting of the masculine and feminine within, as well as the merging of Heaven and Earth with the body.  It is the overall sexual practice of becoming, being, and expressing Unity consciousness, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Unity Tantra Sessions are available upon request.  It may seem on the outside that this type of work is just for the energetic pleasure, and although pleasure is an obvious outcome, it is not the reason to experience sexual/sensual life force energy. Sensuality is a feeling based in joy, the opposite feeling of joy is sadness…and to not be sensual is to be in a state of sadness. Learning to open up your heart center and energy system to sensuality is to learn how to tap into the feeling of joy.

Additionally, love and intimacy are feelings of peace, and this type of session will help reveal, and may clear, many emotional blocks that stem from fear. Residing in states of fear and sadness is not conducive to a life of happiness, joy, and bliss. This may also speed up your own awakening process, and/or experience a kundalini awakening too, and this is why we offer Unity Tantra Sessions to all who are interested.

Many people confuse sexuality with their addiction to an orgasmic release at the end, the climax, however tantric orgasms are not about a stress release but rather a charging of the energy body, which may or may not come with a climactic finale. There are numerous types of orgasms, climax being just one type, and for men in Tantra, climax does not have to have an ejaculatory release at the end, but the orgasm shoots up the spine and refreshes the body. Different types of orgasms that both men and women can explore within a session are the peak, valley, rolling, reflected, and full body, all with an energetic expression and are without friction.

Not all participants can feel or experience the energy employed in Unity Tantra Sessions right away, especially if they have a difficult time experiencing orgasm with a sexual partner or if they have a more animalistic sex drive. This is very natural, as we cannot override their beliefs, traumas, and blocks that they might be carrying around with them. The answer is to clear any childhood traumas as they arise in a session using EFT Meridian Tapping to work through specific issues and traumas that stem from unique childhood and family of origin belief systems, prior to (or during) any Unity Tantra Sessions.

*To learn how to work with life force energy in your personal sex life, please see our videos and classes ON DEMAND, we have several exercises that you can practice regularly to increase your own energetic sexual sensitivity.  To learn how to experience this in your own life, please see our course descriptions for Unity Tantra classes, or watch the Unity Tantra 1 class on demand. If you are interested in teaching Unity Tantra classes, please see our instructor training program HERE.

Please watch the video below to see what a session might look and feel like.  This particular video is an excerpt from a 35 minute tantric energy session, where the participant was in a state of expanded orgasmic bliss for 30 of the 35 minutes.

NOTE: This is NOT physically sexual in nature.

In this video, Bonnie Ka demonstrates a Unity Tantra Session with a male Hive member, where she plays the “Tantric DJ” with a music mix from our friend DJ Delta-Notch:

Here is another video, I am not massaging here, just lightly touching the coccyx and base of the skull, making a pathway along the spine through which sensual energy can flow. If touching is involved during a session, it is NON sexual in nature, All participants are fully clothed, and I do not need to touch skin.

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39 Responses to “Unity Tantra Sessions”

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  1. Kazzrie says:

    i finally watched both videos and visited your site…and read every word…and felt an opening in my feminine essence just in reading…

    i’m truly in awe…

    how can i experience this for myself?

    in joy,


  2. Set the intent Kazzrie, that’s what I did! I watched somebody do it on YouTube, and then decided I was going to do it too! A few months later, I DID! xoxo So happy you have awakened a deep love inside of you, rock it! xoxo <3

  3. isakh says:

    I am so intrested in learning the art. ; ) can’t wait!!

    • Set the intent and off you go Isakh! I believe this modality of lovemaking will be available to the whole planet within only a few short years!

      • ketan says:

        how much short of year nathan martin i am from india and i want to learn this technic can you help me dear

  4. Ana Carla says:

    I am a 43 Years old Portuguese woman that as been on a path of self discovery for the last 4 years.
    Tantra as been on my mind has a strong impression, resonating my essence and that resonance has led me either to join Polyamory groups of discussion, Tantra sessions, experience Female Ejaculation, Reiki, practising Nudism and today – intent has led me to your videos and divinepollination.com site*. as I surfed the web looking for information on energetic orgasms.
    Energy fascinates me as I feel it to be Love itself. I wish to grow it in me as much as I can and then find a way to spread it, passing it on…
    Coming to this moment, I make a wish and hope to come to learn from you (wishfully in your presence on one of your stays in Portugal).

    Best of Love

    Ana Carla
    Lisboa, Portugal

    • Nathan says:

      I am sorry to only now reply to this message, however, the good news is that we are in Europe for the next two months if you would like to say hello! We will hopefully be doing some workshops while we are here, mostly near Belgium, but are open to traveling if there is a big enough audience. Happy that you are exploring your feminine nature as light and love through all of the means that you mentioned. Sign up for our email list and send me an email if you are still interested in learning more. Keep on loving!

  5. David says:

    Did you have to raise your own Kundalini so that it is active all the time before you began to be able to give these transmissions? I am on a spiritual path of Tantra and Pranayama.

    • Nathan says:

      I started by attempting to move my own kundalini, and was able to do it with another prior to my partial kundalini awakening. However, it has become much easier to do this since that happened. Also, I have released a lot of emotional and spiritual blocks/resistance, which helped me get better at this practice. 😉

  6. saurabh srivastava says:

    I want to learn this kindly guide me.

  7. chris rawlins says:

    How do I learn this wonderful art? I have read that through intent one could actually facilitate energetic orgasms from across the room. Is that truly possible?

    • Catch Avion says:

      I was inspired to respond to Chris as I am someone who experiences the receiving of this intent in my body on a daily basis with people from all over. They do not need to be anywhere near me or even in the same state! Thought is energy, it travels. I happen to be open to receiving that thought. If I am dressed in a feminine way in a coffee shop, it can get a little intense, sometimes, but I would never trade in the joy and higher vibration

      • Nathan says:

        Thanks for the comment and for sharing your experiences, I loved reading it! What a wonderful way to experience life!

  8. Ali says:

    i want to learn how to make it , do you teach people ? we can also learn it and try for out partners ?

    • Nathan says:

      Yes, if you watch our youtube videos on our channel, you can learn some of the techniques. It is for everyone, not just practioners, it is especially for romantic partners to try together. Good luck!

      • ketan says:

        thanks dear that your r doing for romentic partner..there is one site i have found is jujumamablog in this site kenya k stevens teach this .but paying after money and thats not fair..congreats brother u r doing good job..if u r doing for low price then also people will buy it and learn it…and if u make it free then its awesome…i hope to continue upload to more vidos in youtube thats help romentic partner…

        • Nathan says:

          You are welcome Ketan, thank you for your warm comments. We do plan on releasing many of our 2 hour classes for around $30 as a downloadable video, but the most important part is intent, you already have the capacity for such an experience within you, you can do this, it just takes learning to trust yourself. I did not learn from anyone, but I was inspired by Nityama. Since you have everything you need inside of you, there is no need to pay someone else to teach you, but if you wish to learn it by someone else, I am all for any price they choose to compensate them for their expertise and time. I also recommend my YouTube channel, I have several teachings there on video for you to practice with. Good luck!

  9. Antonio says:

    I have done that with my wife, I don’t know how we started it and until now I thought it was not logic, the video shows me it is possible and what we are doing is not that “unusual”.

    Until now I have done it with no real knowledge on how or why, I practice Yoga myself but we never saw this, I would like to know more as if without practice is extremely good (she reaches orgasm) , doing it with conciseness should be even better.

    Is it possible to have kind of a long distance course? I live in Brazil, in case there is any place in Rio de Janeiro with your technique, I would also like to know.

    • Nathan says:

      That is a great story, thank you for sharing! I am excited to hear about more people waking up to the possibilities within their intimate lives! We may be offering online courses, as well as videos too, sign up for our newsletter to be notified when they become available. Keep on loving!

    • Nathan says:

      Also…check out our YouTube channel, we have four exercises for you to practice. 😉

  10. Bambang says:

    Amazing…!!! Bravo . I’ve practice it and woouw great. Thanks

  11. Nathanael says:

    Hi !

    Looks so easy…and amazing effective.
    I m a 31 year old man. I ve been looking for a way to transform sexual energy, for loosing it in the normal way through sex, masturbation …always feels like a bitter sweet thing to me. Sweet in the beginning, bitter in the end…for men lose a lot of energy by it and you I feel week after it . Do you think this technique helps me to transform sexual energy ? The desire for “normal sex” will leave me by this ?

    • Nathan says:

      VERY good question Nathanael, it is something that David Deida talks about, but not all tantrikas agree, like Osho feels we have unlimited amounts of energy and ejaculation will never be a problem. I honor both school’s of thought, however, tend towards Osho’s reasoning. Also, I feel that once we master our own personal toroidal field, we always have more energy than we need, unlimited amounts. The problem that really needs to be addressed are blocks and resistance, which sex can bring to the surface. Shadow work and emotional intelligence are key to unlocking sexual satisfaction, and this sexual practice only helps facilitate bringing the blocks up.

      • Nathanael says:

        Thank You for the quick respose. I m reading books of Osho. He tells never to supress…to transform. And yes…since we are connected with all Energy, we should have unlimited energy reserves. But he also says people spend all their lifes in losing and regaining their sexual energy again, it is like a posession. A Tantra teaches not to ejaculate, but to “injaculate”, to have an inner orgasm in the whole body. I don t evenso I believe in infinite energy, ejaculation weakens me, I m so fed up with this losing and regaining energy . So I felt great hope in watching some of your videos and this homepage. How do you thing should I start to transform sexual energy. Just try it out, what you show in the video ?

        • Nathan says:

          I have four videos on YouTube that teach how to cycle energy, masturbate with it, and to merge energetically with your partner, that is a great place to start. We will also be making classes available online and in person, and will send that information out to those who are subscribed to our email list when they are available. Good luck!

          • Nathanael says:

            Thanks ! One last question : If you say “energetic masturbation” does that mean an sth. like an “inner Orgasm” ? Or is it also external ?

        • Nathan Martin says:

          Energy masturbation can produce an inner orgasm, however, once it is mastered, can be coupled with physical touch to heighten and create a brand new experience. Also, many who experience a depleted feeling at ejaculation have a deep seeded guilt issue that is subconscious, and at the point of discharge, the guilt comes to the surface, causing the man to feel empty. I had this for my whole life until I released it with EFT, with the guilt gone, I no longer experience depletion if/when I cum. I know this is not a popular belief within Tantra, but it is my experience.

  12. Emi says:

    Hey Nathan,

    Your energy work is inspiring. I had it done to me and also did on couple of other people and it’ magical, it works:-) I see that you are in Europe now. Would you like to come and visit England? Where I live there are lots and lots of people who would love to get some inspiration from you. Come and visit us:-)
    With Love, Emi

    • Nathan says:

      That is great Emi! That’s great that you’ve experienced this type of energy! Who did you work with, if you don’t mind me asking? In England?

      If you send me a personal message via signing up for my email list or my Facebook page, we can discuss what interest there is in England. We’d love to come and visit, teach classes, and do sessions for anyone who’s interested! BEE well!

  13. Iman says:

    Great videos, Nathan!

    But I’m confused a little bit: There are many videos on Youtube which show hypnotized people having orgasm whenever, for example, the hypnotist touch them. By watching these videos I’d concluded that orgasm is mainly in the mind.

    Is there any chance that your subjects are having their orgasms because they believe what you do bring them one? In other words, can this be simply a hypnotic phenomenon?

    I think I should ask this way: have you ever induced orgasm in someone who doesn’t know what’s going to happen to them beforehand?

    You’re ideas are appreciated. Blessings!

    • Nathan says:

      There are two types of hypnosis, eastern and western, with western being specifically in the mind only, while eastern hypnosis utilizes the chi energy and is much more powerful and intense. I utilize my chi life force energy while doing Tantric sessions, so yes, it can be said that I am using a form of hypnosis, this is undeniable. Am I doing it as a parlor trick to make a woman orgasm on stage, to get laughs out of people, or am I making a lasting difference in their lives through the healing and creating flow in their kundalini life force energy? One seeks to control the mind while the other places an energetic imprint on them, much like the blending of energy or two tuning forks. Great question Iman!!!

      • Iman says:

        Thanks, Nathan, for answering my question. Great answer! I never heard of Eastern hypnosis before. Is there any resource I can learn more from about Eastern hypnosis? Thanks!

        • Nathan says:

          Here is a link for a really great program to learn eastern hypnosis, I have personally been through his program and consider Talmadge a friend. It is thorough, having enough materials to study for months, if you follow his program, you will master it. http://shrsl.com/?~3gxr

  14. Jen says:

    Nathan, it is interesting you bring up the depressed feeling after orgasm. I am a 28 year old woman. I have never had an orgasm during intercourse with my partner. I can only achieve it manually, by myself. After orgasm I become increasingly down. I will cry sometimes, but I usually just listen to melancholy music and sulk, for lack of a better word. I have always wondered why this was. I was molested as a child around the ages of 3-4, so I have no conscious recollection of it other than randomly brief flashbacks. Do you think ETF would help? What is the process? Would I have to bring up and relive those moments? Is ETF practiced in Florida?
    What’s more, and I feel a little embarrassed to admit this, this only type of porn I really do get off to is women being degraded in once sense or another. Being called names, tied up, or used. It is disturbing to type this out but thought you might offer some insight.

    Thank you for all of y0ur time. You come acress as very warm and I appreciate that.



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