Orgonite vs Chemtrails


  From the video description: The dangers of Chemtrails and a tutorial on how to make Orgonite to knock them out of the sky. Protect against harmful EMF, Chemtrails and radiation. It’s a great meditation aid and emotional healer as well. Also, Orgonite is one of the most powerful stress shields one can buy. I recommend a few pieces outside and inside. Outside for chemtrails and inside for protection from harmful EMF. Also try meditating […]
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Cress Collage

This is why we place an orgonite tower buster on top of our WiFi router, as well as in every room in our home, bordering our back and front yards; to transmute the harmful DOR (deadly orgone) being put out by man-made electronics back into harmonious POR (positive orgone).  Without protecting yourself and your family with orgonite, you’re unknowingly slow cooking yourself like a rotisserie chicken. ~Nathan by Kristopher Love | The Spirit Ninth-graders […]
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How to Make Orgonite Tower Busters


I demonstrate how to make functional orgonite “Tower Busters”, which are meant to clean homes, gardens, yards, cell and microwave towers, to clean their negative RF and harmful orgone (zero point) energy. These are not pretty devices, but highly functional and effective. Place them on your WiFi access point, under your bed, in your refrigerator, on top of your freezer, near your water supply, electronics, and microwave, in your toilet tank, and every room in the […]
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