Be a Man – Redefining Masculinity – Video Series

Be a Man – Redefining Masculinity – Video Series

Have you ever heard the term “be a man” or “man up”? Well, this mentality is really rough on boys and men, and the root belief behind it is what makes men potentially dangerous, emotionally unintelligent, and stressed out. If you would like to learn more about the underlying belief that causes this problem with men, then this is a video series that you will not want to miss!   Source Article: Masculinity is killing […] Read more »

EFT Certification Courses

Hive Certification EFT Level 1

EFT Level 1 Practitioner Course: Since our brand of EFT is founded in Self-discovery and integration of the shadow side within, we feel that changing the being is much more important than giving you action based exercises and techniques that merely change your doing. We feel that experiential understanding and Self-awareness are the most important aspect of an EFT practitioner, not your book knowledge and technical smarts, therefore we assist you in releasing the emotional, […] Read more »

Shadow Work Explained

In the Divine Pollination Hive, ‘Shadow Work’ is an important concept that stems from Jungian psychology’s Carl Jung. Jewish tradition calls shadow work ‘Teshuvah’, while Christianity translates it as ‘repentance’, however neither group has remembered how to use it to promote the deep transformational lifestyle changes that were originally intended. Many people think they are doing Shadow Work when they scream into a pillow or have a good cry at a workshop, however, that is […] Read more »