Does God Really Help Those Who Help Themselves?


The old saying “God helps those who help themselves” may be more true than previously realized, as the freewill of an individual cannot be imposed upon, especially by God. God cannot save you from yourself, She can only give you the necessary tools to dig yourself out of your own self-created prison(s), and then allow you do so. The boundaries of your prison(s) are your perceptions and patterns of relating, they shape your reality and […] Read more »

Your Superhero Lies Within


“On some level, humanity feels that they need superheroes to defeat the evil “out there”, powerful external beings to oppose the external threats to their security, happiness, and general well being. Ironically though, it is only after a person conquers their own evil within, through the transformative power of understanding, that they are able to experience such superhuman powers; their superhero is not out there, it lies within.” ~Nathan & Aline Read more »