Gandhi Groups – Water & Property Rights – EFT Activism

Gandhi Groups – Water & Property Rights – EFT Activism

  Experience EFT Activism in this Gandhi Group special session with Nathan Martin, of the Divine Pollination Hive. Gandhi Groups are your opportunity to “be the change you wish to see in the world”, by going within to change yourself, instead of giving your power away in a power struggle. When we objectify ourselves, and our “things”, such as water, then we become an object, and an object can be taken away, or fought over. […] Read more »

The Vertical, Composting 50 Plant Patio Farm by the Garden Tower Project


The vertical, composting 50 plant patio farm by the Garden Tower Project makes a self-sustaining Torus, or torsion field, with its water and nutrients, where the nutrients from watering get to be poured back into itself.  All self-sustaining life is done so through the torus pattern; these plants will not just survive, these plants will surely thrive.  Add 2-3 orgonite minis ever few layers of the garden, along with some Hugelkultur (some wood chips and small […] Read more »

Torsion Field Simulations


This is a really neat simulation of how a torsion field interacts within a living space…each house is alive with our energy, but some distribute it throughout the living space better than others.   Also, imagine how orgonite might contribute to the torsion field of a home, or how the shape of the orgonite might be better or worse for transmuting DOR into POR.   Read more »