Escape from Victim, Villain, Savior, and the Duality Drama

The Duality Drama

We have the survival mechanism of “fight, flight, freeze, and tend & befriend”, because we’ve been conditioned to ask a very narrow set of questions, and seek for their narrow set of answers. This narrow line of questioning keeps us from experiencing the infinite potential available through the power of questions and answers. At the core of our dilemma are limiting questions, such as “how can I feel safe from villains?”, “how can I feel […] Read more »

To Survive or Thrive?

Sex & Money

Have you ever wondered why humanity lives in a perpetual state of survival, and why it is so difficult to get ahead and thrive? Why is it that certain people are placed as authorities over us, and that we need their permission to enjoy life? Why do we over consume? Why are we so competitive? If so, you may benefit from reading on… *Article is best viewed in fullscreen mode, click the icon in the […] Read more »

Permaculture Greening the Desert

Permaculture Greening the Desert

The only crisis we have is one of perspective, as even the desert can become green if we as a collective would just broaden our perception more. It makes one wonder, do governments actually want a thriving planet, or are they purposefully keeping us, and by extension our world, in survival mode? We have the tools here and now to thrive without worrying about overpopulation or depleting resources, but it must be the people, and not […] Read more »

“Should I Leave the Country?”

When we start taking practical steps towards changing the world, through changing our own dependence on the financial system, our jobs, and food supplies, as well as going within and getting to know ourselves, to remove our dependence on TV, media, and government, we cultivate world change and peace. You change the systems, not by fighting the old, but by building the new, from the inside out. We don’t need to be saved from ourselves […] Read more »