Victim, Villain, & Savior vs Student & Teacher

The Divine Marriage

VICTIM / VILLAIN The victim replaced the student archetype (template), and when that happened, the teacher became the villain. However, if we are able to realign our victim as a student, the teacher will again appear, as it is said, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” We each have both archetypes within us: “If I am the victim, then I must also be a villain, and if I am the villain, then […] Read more »

The Dangers of Hoping for a Messiah


Discernment is a severely lacking asset in many people, without it, they can be lead astray with the slightest winds of change; it is of the heart and connected to the concept of purity. Discernment does not give the benefit of the doubt because it is highly conscious and sees things for how they really are, rather than just hoping for relief from how things really are. Judgment, on the other hand, is not about […] Read more »

We Don’t Need Another Hero

We Don’t Need Another Hero

We aren’t the hero that will save ourselves, we aren’t the hero that will save others, and we don’t need another hero either. We only think we need saving because we feel miserable and inferior, so we try to pull in a superior hero to save us from ourselves, or we act like the superior hero to save others. We have everything we need to own our life within though, everything we need to let […] Read more »

Your Superhero Lies Within


“On some level, humanity feels that they need superheroes to defeat the evil “out there”, powerful external beings to oppose the external threats to their security, happiness, and general well being. Ironically though, it is only after a person conquers their own evil within, through the transformative power of understanding, that they are able to experience such superhuman powers; their superhero is not out there, it lies within.” ~Nathan & Aline Read more »