Increase Intimacy & Self-Awareness with Prostate Massage


A renaissance has emerged in the past decade, a collective remembering among men and their partners, of the wonderful sexual gland known as the male prostate.  Reintroduced into pop culture through the comedic movie “Road Trip”, the prostate orgasm is no longer the exclusive domain of the gay community, as single hetero men, as well as couples, are exploring its many benefits.   From a health perspective, milking the prostate has been accomplished by doctors […] Read more »

Super Erotic Hypnotic Orgasm 3: Working with Couples

Super Erotic Hypnotic Orgasm 3: Working with Couples

From Talmadge: >>Hello, in this video I am once again working with couples to help anchor a powerful orgasm. There are a few things I wanted you to take note of. In the video she is experiencing a very powerful orgasm. Many of you maybe wondering why she isn’t screaming out, its because she is holding the orgasm inside. It is possible to experience an orgasm without yelling out in pleasure. I am sure many […] Read more »

3 Tips to Create Powerful Hypnotic Orgasms

3 Tips to Create Powerful Hypnotic Orgasms

In this video Talmadge Harper goes over some very important and over looked secrets in being successfully creating a powerful orgasm using erotic hypnosis. Learn more about Erotic Hypnosis by clicking the image below!: Erotic Hypnosis 3.0 – Online Instructional Course – Divine Pollination Hive Approved! Read more »

The Prostate and Male Multiple Orgasm


Men, did you know that the more comfortable you get with your prostate (male g-spot, aka the p-spot), you can experience multiple orgasms while still penetrating your partner (or masturbating)?  Combined erogenous zone orgasms, such as adding the penis and the prostate together, are at least three times the intensity, and last much longer than the average five second isolated penile tension orgasm.  If, as a man, you were able to experience multiple orgasms, would you need to make sure that […] Read more »

Tantric Technique: Being Present

We’ve been trained by society to be human doings rather than human beings, where we do things for and to people as a gift, but what if that is not how it is supposed to be? What if we the gift is our being and actions spring forth from the the being “being” with other people. What if actions are the result and not the cause of being with others? Being is the gift, while […] Read more »



After having watched the video on experiencing oral sex on the man, for her pleasure ( by One Taste, here are my thoughts and feelings on it: YES! Making love for yourself is truly divine, as it takes pressure off of the other party to perform, as well as off of yourself. My best experiences have been when Aline and I are making love in this way, however, please do not confuse this with selfish […] Read more »

Interview w/ Talmadge Harper of Hypnosis Erotica

Join Nathan & Aline for an interview of Talmadge Harper of, where we discuss hypnotic orgasms, pheromone boosting through hypnosis, WTF moments, telepathic orgasms, five minute hypnotic orgasms, mesmerism, chi, and much, much more. Hypnosis Erotica YouTube channel:…   Learn more about Erotic Hypnosis by clicking the image below: Erotic Hypnosis 3.0 – Online Instructional Course – Divine Pollination Hive Approved! Read more »

Telepathic Orgasm Musings and Experiments

Telepathic Orgasm Musings and Experiments

Our friend Talmadge Harper on telepathic orgasms, and how to give and receive them, once a bond has been created through hypnosis.  Please check out his site  Also make sure to check out our 70 minute interview with Talmadge, we discuss many of his products, his vision for his business, and how he helps people experience more intimate and pleasurable sex lives!  Interview w/ Talmadge Harper of Hypnosis Erotica  Learn more about Erotic Hypnosis by […] Read more »

The Sacred Purpose of Orgasm

“The Sacred Purpose of Orgasm”, Originally found at:   The following words have been channeled by a psychic medium and are supposedly coming from an extra-terrestrial species called the Pleiadians … No, I am not nuts. So don’t even go there and stay with me. The message is amazing, powerful & empowering and to me this is all that counts. I don’t care where it comes from. You might believe in other species alive […] Read more »

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil; the Tension Orgasm


After watching the movie “Sex: The Secret Gate To Eden” on Gnostic and Kabbalistic sacred sexuality (below), which happens to be right up our proverbial alley, we felt that it didn’t go quite far enough, but it did spark our own insights and connect some dots with our own ‘gnosis”, you can check out our thoughts below the video.   OUR THOUGHTS ON THE VIDEO In ancient biblical Hebrew, the word used for sex is da’at, […] Read more »

The Masculine and Feminine Poles

Did you know that there are two energetic poles on each gender? The masculine gives (+) from his penis and receives (-) in his heart, while the feminine gives (+) from her heart and receives (-) in her vagina. Because of the dimension we live in, there is a wall of pride and shame in each gender between the positive and negative poles around the solar plexus; fortified by the lies we tell, the lies […] Read more »

Entheo Radio YouTube Interview – Sept 19, 2013

Aline and I were recently interviewed by Hugh Alkemi on his Entheo Radio YouTube channel on a few topics.  The first was “What is Energy Orgasm?” (15:27), and the second was “What is Meant by Sexual Pain and Pleasure?” (25:40).  In the second video, we discuss resistance during sex, climax as a release and triumph over resistance, immature monogamy, mature monogamy, and polyamory. If you’re interested to hear our responses, you can watch and listen […] Read more »