Pain & Pleasure


Joy was separated when it entered duality, into fifty percent pain and fifty percent pleasure; pain and pleasure are opposite sides of the same coin, with pain being the shadow side of joy, and pleasure as its light side. Some avoid the former and chase the latter, which creates an imbalance and an unsatisfying happiness with diminishing returns, while others avoid pleasure and thus experience less pain, and live a joyless life as a monk […] Read more »

Does joy come to you, or does joy come from you?

Meditating with healing energy

Does joy come to you, or does joy come from you? If it is the former, you are dependent on others for your joyful experiences, and they are also dependent upon you; you are an object that must compete for the affections and energy of others, against other objects. This mentality will often leave you feeling frustrated when you are unable to secure the joy that you feel you should have, causing you to exert […] Read more »