Message from the Hive: Christmas 2014

Big 3 Religions Lead to Saturn

The popular saying of “Jesus is the reason for the season” is more than a bit erroneous, as it is historically the Saturnalia that is celebrated at this time of year (which is why some people say “X-Mas”, as X is one of many symbols for Saturn). In fact, Saturn is the reason for every event, religion, and celebration that happens here on earth, as all worship is meant to glorify an aspect of the […] Read more »

From Sick Compassion to Wholeness

There is a level of giving to others, a type of sick compassion, where one person feels a lack within themselves, but because they are patterned as outside-in, are not able to feel it as an internal something that they are lacking. These particular people will find others who have a similar lack and give to them, attempting to fix the external mirror that is trying to show them their own internal emptiness. Understanding the […] Read more »

The Power of Questions

Questions & Answers

Would you like to live an empowered life, one where you have all the happiness, intimacy, love, and material support you could ever desire? Are you struggling with money, success, relationships, or romance? Then read the following article to learn how easy it is to improve your life with intentional questioning and shadow work. To read below, just click the link or toggle full screen mode. The Power of Questions by Nathan Martin & Aline […] Read more »