Letter From a New Friend on Individuation


The following was a message sent to me from a new friend that I had began to correspond with in regards to unity consciousness, and how it fits into Carl Jung’s concept of “individuation”.  In the Hive, our experience is that each person is meant to individuate from the whole, not be assimilated into it, to experience “unity”.  🙂 Full individuation of Self, the apex of individuality, is unity consciousness, as it is the height […] Read more »

Individuation Breaks a Person Free

“Individuation breaks a person free from societal sameness and conditioning and into their own unique and special functions within the greater societal whole. This is much like the different unique parts and functions within a tree — the roots, trunk, branches, and leaves are all unique functions; one is not exalted, better, or dominant over another, but they are all one through the support that they synergistically give to each other within the overall tree […] Read more »

Profound Reflection is Needed


“To find out what is truly individual in ourselves, profound reflection is needed; and suddenly we realize how uncommonly difficult the discovery of individuality in fact is.” ~ Carl Jung “The Relations between the Ego and the Unconscious” (1928). In CW 7: Two Essays on Analytical Psychology. P. 242 Read more »

Individuation, Enmeshment, & Oneness

Many spiritual adherents and teachers believe in equality and sameness as unity, unfortunately, we feel that it is a misconception of our human psychology and the awakening process; we are not meant to be the same as each other, but individual and unique in relationship to one another. The more “unique” or “individual” a person is, the less they compete or attempt fairness with others, accepting life as it is in the present moment. Carl […] Read more »