Our Hugelkultur Experiments w/ Video

Our Hugelkultur Experiment

What is Hugelkultur? We explain what hugelkultur is, and its history, as well as show pictures of the first stages of our own potted plant hugelkultur experiments. Additionally, in one of our experiments, we place two mini muffin orgonite tower busters just over the wood sticks and twigs. Subscribe for updates to see later videos of our progress! Music Track: First Snow by Emancipator: http://emancipator.bandcamp.com/track/first-snow  
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Hugelkultur Experiment


I decided to do a Hugelkultur experiment while I am also doing an orgonite gardening experiment.  I used a similar pot and setup as with my other three bean pots, but instead of adding orgonite, which I thought about doing in addition to the hugelkultur, I added a bunch of dead wood twigs and chips at the bottom.  I am sure that I will eventually combine the methods, but I wanted to see how the hugelkultur […]
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The Vertical, Composting 50 Plant Patio Farm by the Garden Tower Project


The vertical, composting 50 plant patio farm by the Garden Tower Project makes a self-sustaining Torus, or torsion field, with its water and nutrients, where the nutrients from watering get to be poured back into itself.  All self-sustaining life is done so through the torus pattern; these plants will not just survive, these plants will surely thrive.  Add 2-3 orgonite minis ever few layers of the garden, along with some Hugelkultur (some wood chips and small […]
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