Permaculture, Free Energy, and the Divine Marriage


Permaculture is gardening by utilizing the natural systems and cycles within nature, which allows for self-sustaining lifestyle, and more importantly, a connection to nature.  By connecting to nature, we are able to observe how it perpetuates itself without human intervention, and by extension, we can see how a life connected to these natural systems, from our water usage, energy production and consumption, and even romantic and communal relationships, can operate in a natural way. For example, […]
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QEG Free Energy Generator Demonstration


A video demonstration of a free energy device that is functional, practical, and easy to manufacture and distribute! Please MAKE THIS VIDEO GO VIRAL and share it everywhere you can, the world needs to know! We need to break free from energy dependencies and reclaim our sovereignty. The material realm reflects the consciousness of those who reside within it…we’re making progress as a people! ~Nathan & Aline * * * * * * The Info […]
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