Systems of Reality – Part 1

Systems of Reality | by Ken at Redefining God

Here is a graphic of your spirit surrounded by three nested spheres…


…The inner sphere represents your personal reality, the middle sphere is our collective Earth human reality, and the third is the reality of this universe (just to name a few core reality spheres with which you interact). How does each of these realities operate? How do they work together?

In my current thinking, there are three possible types of realities, and each type is based on who the architect of the reality actually is. Those three types are:

1) Self-Generated Realities,
2) Collective Realities, and
3) Administered Realities.

A Self-Generated Reality is one that is based on the idea that “I am the creator of my reality, and everything I see around me is a reflection of what is in me.” Many metaphysical thinkers espouse this view, and while it seems to be a simple idea on its surface, there are some interesting nuances to it. For instance…

If I am the creator of my reality, am I the only person in it who is real? Are all the people with whom I interact merely projections of my own mind, or are they actual projections from other souls? What about the people I see in the background with whom I never interact? Are they mere holographic props used to fill in the set upon which the main characters of my life perform?

And what does it really mean that “everything I see in the outer world is a reflection of my inner world?” Does that mean that everything in this world (including all the ugly, crazy sh*t) is created by me? If so, I am one sick puppy. Or can it mean that I am not actually the creator of everything in this world, but I am the assembler of the things within it that I experience and notice? If the last question is more on the money, then this world is like the bookstore down the street: I didn’t create it, but the sections within it that I choose to browse (typically the spiritual and self-help sections) are a reflection of what is inside me.

In the purest form of the Self-Generated Reality concept, though, I am essentially surrounded by a mirror, and everything I see as being external to me is a projection of the vibrations that are active within me. So the world I see around me is the reflection of the truths I choose to know in this now moment, and as I change my truths, I change my world. There are no limits except those I place on myself.

Moving on to the second type, a Collective Reality is one that is created by a group of consciousnesses who have decided to explore certain concepts together. In this sort of reality system, the nature of the reality is decided by the collective agreement of the participating beings. If this system were applied to Earth humanity, for instance, the boundaries of our reality and the happenings that occur within it would reflect the consensus decision of our subconscious minds. In other words, in each quantum moment, our subconscious minds get together and vote on what we want our reality to look like at that moment, and the result of the vote is what we see around us. In this sort of reality, the world we see around us is the reflection of our collective beliefs, and there are no boundaries limiting us except the ones we choose for ourselves.

In the third type, an Administered Reality, there is a consciousness (or group of consciousnesses) that sets the general structure and rules of the world we inhabit, and we go in as spirits to experience life within that defined structure. A world run like this is akin to an amusement park: someone designs and builds the park and sets the rules that its guests must follow. We can then go in and enjoy the attractions that appeal to us, but if we break the rules, we get tossed out. In such a reality structure, there are hard boundaries which cannot be changed by either one guest or a group of guests. If we want to enjoy the amusements set up by the creator, we must do so within his/her guidelines.

Looking at the reality you see around you through the lens I just offered, how do you think it works? Are you in one type of reality system or in some hybrid of different types? Ponder this for yourself, and we’ll drill deeper in the next entry.

Love always…. ~Ken

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