Suppressed Technologies

flower_grid_300The technology already exists to clean our oceans, air, and land of all toxic, polluted, and radioactive gunk in a matter of weeks, but it has been purposefully suppressed by those who tell the world’s governments what to do. These “powers that be” can only suppress and hide the technology as long as the consciousness of the people lacks wholeness and empowerment

As soon as the people process their baggage en masse with mirror, shadow, and anima/animus work, the “powers that be” and the governments will automatically reflect something new to the people. Fighting the system, bankers, and governments will not raise awareness, raising Self-awareness will cause the system, bankers, and governments to behave in a way that reflects your new energetic signature. To experience something new, change who you are, not how you or others act.

~Aline & Nathan



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