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Unity Tantra 1 Class

Unity Tantra is about raising your Self-awareness and discovering the truth of who you are in the present moment. It is a process that brings impurities to the surface for analysis, cleansing, and restoration; allowing for a new relational, sensual, and creative experience founded upon a unified truth, instead of dualistic preprogrammed lies.

The Unity Tantra video classes give students the techniques necessary to look into the mirror of sex. Where most teachers suggest changing actions and give techniques to change the experienced outcome, we realize that actions follow beliefs, so we focus on understanding, and thus forgiving, the root reasons that the beliefs are there in the first place. Change the beliefs, which causes the actions and manifestations to automatically follow suit.

We cannot stress this enough, sex is the mirror that shows the source who they are, no amount of changing or cleaning the mirror can change the source that is looking into it; hence why we put our focus on assisting the source to transform, and not cleaning the mirror.  Our techniques assist the individual in looking into the mirror of who they are, as fragmented or whole as they may be.

This class is for singles and partners, although we will be mostly practicing solo exercises that allow you to experience your sensuality in new ways throughout your body.

Watch the Unity Tantra 1 class On Demand now!

Learn how to:

  1. Circulate sexual energy up your spine, into your brain, and back down into your genitals.
  2. Learn breathing techniques that will allow you to heighten your sexual experiences.
  3. Locate & integrate energetic blocks and traumas that prevent smooth energy flow.
  4. Learn how to have a throatgasm.
  5. Use the vibration of sound to pull energy through your body.
  6. Men, learn how to have multiple peak orgasms without ejaculation.
  7. How to hug in a way that is safe and creates deeper intimacy and friendships.
  8. Masturbate without friction.
  9. Give your partner a fully body orgasm without sexual touch.
  10. Give your partner a full body orgasm with just thought and intent.

Watch the Unity Tantra 1 class On Demand now!

Watch the Unity Tantra 2 class On Demand now!

The Divine Pollination Hive presents our Unity Tantra 2 video class, where you learn how to combine energy sex with physical sex. We touch on the concept of the energetic poles, ejaculation retention, male and female de-armoring, g-spot massage, a-spot orgasm, combination orgasms, and sexual positions that are conducive to moving energy together as a couple. There is no nudity, and all demonstrations are clothed or with props.

The video quality isn’t as good as we had hoped, but the information was still worth publishing as it was. Enjoy!

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