Love Over Lifetimes


Written by Aline Van Meer of the Divine Pollination Hive, this book tells you a true love story, a story so pure it will move you for a lifetime.

It is a story that makes you stand still and take a moment to contemplate the meaning of life, love, separation, and death—all will change from reading this book.

Separation is an illusion…

That’s the message that Christoph and Aline choose to tell.

This is their story, from the heart, and shared with immense gratitude for life—and for each other.

In this time of perceived chaos and transformation, love is everything you need to be able to continue. Christoph and Aline are honored that they are able to share their story with you.

Amor Vincit Omnia
(love conquers all)

* * * * *

What readers are saying:

Aline, I have finally read your book. Started on an afternoon of flight travel and finished in a Houston hotel bed. You ripped my guts out…but in a good way. (I was sobbing on the plane at one point.) You are a magnificent story teller, and few of us would be even so lucky to experience what you were fortunate to have with Christoph (and now again with Nathan). I’m looking at my life differently right now. Deciding that I won’t die young (something I felt I might do since I was a little girl) and maybe choose to let go of some deep hurts…whatever I’m capable of releasing right now.” ~Trish, Kansas City, Missouri

“What a beautiful story, and a wonderful gift to be able to continue to communicate with Christoph after he left his body. I couldn’t put it down, and your words pulled me into the scene as if I was in the room watching what was taking place. You’re an amazing writer! Thank you for sharing a very personal part of yourself.” ~Riki, Boise, Idaho

“I read this book in 2 days, couldn’t put it down. It takes a beautiful and courageous heart to share something like this with the world. It was intriguing and the poems pulled me in immediately as the rest of the story.” ~Elke, Belgium

“I cried a couple times.  It makes me want to squeeze Aline!  It was definitely very touching and incredibly well written; I felt like I was there.” ~Melody, Texas

“Hello there. I wanted you to know that a friend recommended your book to me, it was very beautiful. You are a very beautiful and genuine person and it reflects not only in your energy but also your words. Thank for sharing your story. It has been a while that I have had the privilege to read such heartfelt words. I have almost forgotten what that feels like. I can picture myself in your dear Christoph before he became ill. It was a surreal reflection for me. Anyway, thank you for showing your big heart.” ~Erica, Arizona

* * * * *

It is a digital download for the Amazon Kindle only, but you can also view it on any iOS, Android, or Windows 8 phone or tablet, the cloud reader on the web, or a free software app for your PC or Mac. After you purchase and read it, please leave a review with your thoughts and feelings, thank you!


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