Spiritual Bypassing at its Finest


“Very often people say to me, ‘Mooji, I am so unhappy but you don’t seem to care or even want to know what is going on.’ And actually, it is true. I don’t want to know what you think is going on. And, I don’t believe you. Nothing is going on. You are happy by nature but think you are unhappy. Your unhappiness is totally made up. You are just too lazy to look inside yourself.”  ~Mooji

Be aware, the tendency to downplay very real feelings is spiritual bypassing at its finest. You can’t skip to the end without experiencing the journey to the end…you must understand why you’re unhappy before you can experience true happiness. Saying it is an illusion without seeing ‘why’ it is an illusion is just bypassing past it with fluff, love, and light. We must dig into the shadow and look upon it; we’re alchemists, we transmute things, its what we do. ~Nathan



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