Source on this Planet is Split

split feminineI would like to discuss what we interpret the being and doing states as, as well as tell you that we get our understanding from our own experiences, and confirmations for our understandings. We do not look outside for definitions, but rather make our own, and that does not always jive with the definitions embraced by the masses (from church, spiritual teachings, etc…)

For us, being state is the feminine (passive/emotions/invisible), while action is the masculine (active/ visible manifestations). Both are present inside a human body, although mostly women are a little more connected to their feminine (emotions), and men are a little more connected to their masculine (action/goal oriented).

The being state of a human being is highlighted by emotions, which are the toolbox of the Divine to communicate to us any belief that we have (be it from former lives, societal programming, etc…). This is how we create experiences in this body. For example, we can be in a state of doubt = being state and this will make us feel sad, scared, frustrated…And it will show in our lives as manifestations by our masculine. (creations that will keep reinforcing the being state of doubt until you transform it!)

When Source comes through us, it highlights every belief we hold onto and this gets mirrored to us by our masculine. Source comes through the feminine, who holds the beliefs, and is able to change them. She then gives these being states (which are vibrational states) to her masculine and he will act accordingly. In this way, we have a variety of being states. There are a vast amount of being states also in Unity. It is not just one blob of unrecognizable bliss, it is a higher, more fluent flow of understanding of the Self, and therefore the understanding of how to be a conscious creator.

We are, right now, duality beings, so Source gets ‘broken’ in half when she comes through our vessel (Physical body). This split is acted out by the masculine immediately. Whenever the soul has reached a certain growth, the feminine will be able to use her masculine as this ever present mirror to transform the split, and make it whole again.

So for all intents and purposes,we are split, and we are Source incarnate on this planet, so Source on this planet is split. We are not able to receive Source in a state of wholeness yet. so the only way we can receive Source is in a split way (a whole energy split into opposing forces), therefore our lives are a mess of contradicting feelings, emotions, and experiences.

Human beings have forgotten how to be conscious creators and that is because they have forgotten how to transform their beliefs and being states, using their emotions and mirrors as a tool for empowering, instead of as an excuse for playing the victim.


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