So You’d Like to Learn Unity Tantra, eh?

So you’d like to learn Unity Tantra, eh? Unity Tantra is about uniting the four energetic poles (+ & -) within each person (two masculine and two feminine poles), to create a single toroidal field of unity together, also known as the Divine Marriage or Divine Union.

In many tantric practices, skills and meditations are taught and meant to empower a person to become a better, more self-aware lover, and while skills are great, we feel that it is more about your being (who you are inside, emotional blocks, shadow, and all), and that actions will always reflect your being. Forcing actions upon your being may be necessary sometimes to see what your beliefs (limiting or otherwise) are, but it is also akin to self-rape–no bueno! If you desire lasting change, instead of learning new skills and forcing them upon your being, try shifting your internal being and then allowing your actions to reflect your new energetic signature.  In fact, that is the curse of Genesis 3 on Adam (masculine), that all his work would be difficult and laborious…because he forces things on the being of the earth, and all other beings, instead of allowing and empowering the beings to see a new perspective and then to reflect new actions.

For this reason, we tout EFT, shadow work, and anima/animas work as the primary means of making changes to the internal being, and then the mind blowing sexual experiences always follow. I had a kundalini awakening, along with a 3 day orgasm, as a result of an EFT session I did on myself back in September 2011…I had already been studying energy sex by then, but wasn’t able to feel or experience much, but the EFT session opened my energetic channels WAY up!  Here is a link that explains more on this process, as our teacher training we do for those who desire to be an instructor is rooted in Self-discovery and EFT, and not just teaching them skills, although we do teach some Tantric skills in that course as well…

We have some YouTube videos on our channel where we lead a few meditations and exercises that you can practice, and we also have a separate YouTube channel where we provide mini EFT sessions that you can tap along with; and of course we also teach classes and perform sessions on demand (Skype or in person), when people request them.  Additionally, you can take a look at the “files” section in our Facebook group, we have placed a lot of books and articles that are available for download there.

Remember, the key is self discovery and awareness, all experiences flow from greater understanding of your energy system, your feelings, emotions, and current beliefs. Unlearning those beliefs and patterns, through understanding why you are how you are, is necessary to open up your life force energy, and thus your sexuality. This is why EFT and Unity Tantra sessions with us are so powerful, we bring so much awareness to an individual, as well as empower new patterns that create even more self-awareness.

With this Self-awareness, you gain really cool abilities, such as being able to hug a friend or lover and experience/give an orgasm, just through the intimacy of the non sexual embrace. A handshake, holding hands, and more, all become orgasmic…

Please let us know if you have any questions…

Divine Love,
Nathan & Aline



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