Sexual Sensitivity & Relationship Roles

Happy mother and children sketching with pencilsThe following are some observations of ours based on our own experiences with sexual sensitivity, and how it relates to relationship patterns and types within this dualistic dimension. There are two roles that a person can experience within a relationship, based on the pole pairing that they fit best into, the heart poles are the parent role, while the root poles are the children role. Two children can come together sexually and experience amazing sex together, because they are both in their root poles, but after their relationship deepens, one of them will shift into the parent role, this one will experience less sensitivity and sexual pleasure once they are the parent.

The parent always experiences less pleasure, unless they swap roles, or choose to digress back into their child role for a fun night on the town, or in bed. Two parents will not stay the parents with each other, even if both people are accustomed to being the parents in past relationships. If one is more stubborn and settled into the parent role, the other will still become the child as a role, they may just be a well behaved child.

  • The child role = can receive tremendous sexual pleasure, but difficult to give
  • The parent role = can give tremendous sexual pleasure, but difficult to receive

However, if a parent role lets a child role find another child to play with sexually, to have “play dates”, the two children will experience tremendous pleasure sexually together, as the adult is holding space and keeping both from flipping into the parent role. The adult still doesn’t feel as much pleasure, but both children can experience much more indefinitely together, as long as the adult remains in the relationship. If the adult leaves, one of the children will take on the adult role, and will lose their sexual sensitivity.

The parent role in this three-way experience does not necessarily have to be an actual person, but the energy of a parent that is still connected to one of the two children; it is common for a person to stay an adult child throughout life because of severe trauma or domination from a parent, keeping their abusive parent’s voice in their subconscious for the rest of their life. When a person starts to mature and unravel this hidden parental voice, they will not be able to stay in the child role as long in new relationships, and it could also break up long standing child/child relationships, because the hidden parent “left” their subconscious.

If a child was raised by an immature adult child, they might have found that they were forced to take on the role of the parent with their own parent(s), this would make them particularly uncomfortable with having playful, childlike fun, since they are accustomed to being the parent their whole life.  As a child role becomes more self-aware and conscious of their decision making, they will transition into an adult, leaving their immature unconscious behaviors behind, but also losing their ability to have joyful fun and sexual sensitivity; their sensual sensitivity will only remain if they are with a person who is more of a parent than they are, so that they are a very well behaved and mature child.

An adult child may stay emotionally stunted and immature because of childhood trauma and abusive experiences, but there are other reasons as well, such as overbearing parents who consistently put pressure on their child to conform, excel, be the best in school or sports, etc. A helicopter parent, one who is constantly rescuing their children from natural consequences that being a child might bring, will also cause a child to miss out on valuable learning opportunities, keeping them immature and unsure of themselves.

The parent role will be:

  • Overly responsible in their behavior
  • Will be either tolerant or critical of the child’s impulsive behavior
  • Less playful and more serious

The child role will be:

  • Under responsible in their behavior
  • Will be either impulsive or resistant in their behavior; impulsive in the behaviors that they want to do, resistant to behaviors that might get them into trouble with their parent, or resistant to their parent’s perceived domineering.
  • More playful and less serious

We do not hold any judgments on this pattern, or either of the roles, as both the parent and the child are two extremes of One relationship energy, they are a dualistic tandem in this 3D reality. In unity consciousness, the Divine Marriage, the parent and child role will again be reunited as the One, as the heart and root poles, and the masculine and feminine, are again reunited as the One. With the parent and child reunited as the One, an individual will be able to experience the joys of youthfulness along with the wisdom and maturity that understanding cultivates.

Additionally, imagine a time when parent (Creator) and child (Creation), and masculine and feminine, are united, permeating through each other as the One, without hierarchy, dominance, or submission. When two co-creators (parents) choose to create together, they give birth to their creation (child), which is also One with them, that instead of two roles, the three will have One role together. This is Unity.



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