The Salvation of Seven Billion Cats

Seven cats sit on a hillTrying to save humanity, or be its savior, is like convincing seven billion wild cats to go to the same location, at the same time, and to play nicely together—it’s just not realistic or possible. This is why the Elite have had to work for hundreds of years, with nearly unlimited resources and patience, using mass mind control, social engineering, and coordinated manipulation, to domesticate humanity enough to pull off the task. The only people with the necessary resources and fortitude to save humanity from themselves, and to provide a savior for them to follow, are the very Elite who have deceived, domesticated, and enslaved them in the first place!

Seven people cannot be easily persuaded without tremendous effort, much less seven billion plus, which is why people need to muster the necessary will power on an individual basis, to finally go within and do their own inner process work. This can be accomplished through identifying and loving their shadow, balancing their masculine and feminine, deprogramming their limiting beliefs and socially engineered patterns of relating, and individuating from the mass collective puddle of cookie cutter sameness.

Unity is an inside job on an individual basis, and when enough individuals are working their own personal processes, more will join in and do the same. Neither Fullford, Wilcock, Cobra, the White Hats, the Galactic Federation of Light, the Event, Ashtar Command, China, Russia, Jesus, positive ET’s, or the BRICS are capable of saving humanity from their own core limiting beliefs, as the only ones with the resources necessary to offer [enforce] mass salvation are the ones who originally enslaved them. The only thing that these “flavors of saviors” can possibly accomplish is furthering the deception for those who wish to avoid personal responsibility and accountability over their lives.

Until enough people find the necessary will power to dig in and do their own inner process work, there will be more manipulating, false saviors, chaos, and externally enforced order. People can only be their own answer (saviors) after they know how to be unique individuals separate from the collective unconscious of humanity. When will people finally start asking themselves the necessary questions, so that they can then answer them individually for themselves?  Instead of hoping for seven billion wild cats to all do the same thing, maybe it’s time to work the Unity Process…



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