Robert A. Johnson – The Double Animus: Two Stories

The anima is the inner feminine of a man, while the animus is the inner masculine of the woman; each is the expectation that a person has for their external opposite other.  Oftentimes, we are able to experience an either/or fulfillment of our expectation for our external opposite other, and in this story, the double animus, the double internal masculine of a woman, is explored.  Enjoy!

“One will no longer attempt to find somebody who will fit one’s particular image of…the gods within, or that animus image, or he, the anima image; but he will begin to look at the human being as a human being and not someone to please him, not someone to inspire him, not someone to carry an image for him, but to be real to him. I think our age is crying for such a development as this, and my whole story which I brought you with so much pleasure, is more modern, and more up to date, and here and now, than one might immediately have guessed.

It is saying that by means of the funeral pyre, which is the stuff of transformation, we must eradicate the whole business of asking somebody else to carry our own psychology for us. That’s as simply and as directly as I can state that the new age of relationship is to be.” ~Robert A. Johnson, “The Double Animus”

“The Double Animus: Two Stories (The Transposed Heads)”
Lecture by Robert A. Johnson.
Presented by the San Diego Friends of Jung.

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