Revelation of the Method, Predictive Programming and the Prime Directive

From our understanding the earth matrix is a deterministic construct and not free will based, and that any illusion of free will comes from the insane amounts of answers available to choose from. However, it is in the question that the concept of free will is fully expressed, such as found in the innocent questions that children ask, but get bullied out of at a young age. A child’s natural curiosity is the perfection of free will, but the consumerism driven flood of answers is actually the illusory free will, since it is fed by mass media, school, religion, parental, and other programming streams. It is the programs, such as the “fairy princess”, “prince charming”, “super hero”, “religious zealot”, and other such programs that make this a deterministic realm, where they feed in new programs to the collective unconscious to steer the collective this way or that, and they can make anything look like “fate” or “meant to be”, just through manipulating the programs.

Any coming shift would therefore shed the illusory consumeristic version of free will with competing answers, as well as any deterministic influences, and would instead graduate us to the version of free will that is based in a natural, childlike curiosity and questions.

This is an interesting article about how “determinism” is crafted and caused by those with occulted knowledge upon the unaware masses. it is by far the BEST article I’ve read by Zen, or anybody else, in a long, long time.  The Elite have created a deterministic society and subverted our free will and creativity, through all of their various streams of programming.  The only free will humans now have is in which fabricated external answer they choose, and which program they decide to indoctrinate themselves with, rather than the intended free will of natural curiosity and self-exploration.  Very thorough, informative, wise, and engaging article!

Zen Gardner |Waking Times

These are big subjects and well worth investigation. Knowing the mechanics of the matrix we find ourselves in is extremely empowering and liberating. There’s a saying, “If you’re not wondering if you’re under mind control, you probably are.”

Think about that one for a minute.

I find that profoundly true. The truly awake and aware are so intensely conscious of their thoughts and impulses and the information coming at them that they question everything. And so it should be. We’re in a massively manipulated world by forces many of which are beyond our comprehension. Knowledge-wise we grasp much of what is at play. Experientially we understand even more.

But intuitively we can really round out the picture. This is, if we dare to listen to our hearts and tune into the vast Universal storehouse of true information.

This inherent knowledge of the manipulated world around us is our greatest defense as well as weapon of recourse. Anyone who’s truly woken up finds that out in a hurry.

There are very interesting dynamics at play on this shifting playing field we’re each encountering. Clearly the manipulators of control attempt to hide and disguise these techniques and occult realities, but as we become aware of them it’s also important to not only expose them, but to fully understand them in order to help end the madness these psychopathic tyrants are exacting on humanity.

The Revelation of the Method

This is a fascinating concept. One that is revelatory yet potentially disturbing in some ways. The basic question is this:

1. Does humanity literally give its permission for controlling forces to perpetrate what they do by being told in some form what is being, or about to be done to it? Even if it’s disguised from their conscious awareness in esoteric and occult messages?

2. Or are they simply being pre-programmed to accept what is about to unfold?

Or both?

There are two main levels from which to perceive this concept. The first is that preconditioning is simply a method to get the subjects to accept the agendas being implemented. The other is, without our explicit or even implied agreeance, these things cannot take place.

While they work in concert and both beg humanity’s compliance, those dynamics are powerfully different. Both require human awareness at different levels, yet the second more esoteric notion implies a sort of restrictive code whereby without agreeance any such takeover plan apparently would not be “allowed” to succeed.

Let me just say for starters that I’m not so sure about that second one. It smacks of external reliance and everything that has distracted humanity from waking up in the first place. Just ask the innocent victims in Gaza and an entire world experiencing massive oppression and degradation. If permission was needed and there was some “galactic code of conduct”, we would have seen it from the get go.

Maybe it’s time to get real about the conditions on our planet and stop over-spiritualizing reality away. It’s time to demystify what is clearly more layers of manipulative energy extraction, rather than be dazzled by some kind of esoteric code.  All of these tactics, to whatever extent they’re real and influence us, need to be kept in a conscious perspective.

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