Resistance is Futile

When it comes to avoiding the reality of what is, as the Borg from Star Trek would say, “resistance” really “is futile”. Resisting a pattern and reality is just the other side of the same coin of impulsively acting upon a pattern, they are two halves of the same whole; a sliding dualistic scale of good vs evil, us vs them, security vs freedom, moral vs immoral, and victim vs villain. You can’t just positive think the susceptibility away, no, to leave this stuck reality, the pattern must be understood and removed by the roots. To do this, you need to fully understand your survival instincts and needs enough to relax into death, to be OK without food, money, sex, shelter, relationship, fun, or any other need that arises from the root security (Order) or freedom (Chaos) duality.  

EFT Video to tap out an aspect of sexual neediness:

Death is the one thing that comes for those motivated by both security and freedom, it is the portal back into the unity of absolute trust, the place without any survival needs. However, the body doesn’t need to physically perish in order to cross the barrier from this reality back into the truth, it just needs to be allowed and relaxed into. Unfortunately for humanity, the ego does not wish to relax into death, for it perceives that its biggest purpose is the preservation of its identity and of the species; it must be helped to understand that death is a portal and not the final outcome, it is a beginning and not the end. For some, this can be a gradual thing, a gentle reminder of the truth of who they are, but for many, it will be a devastating confrontation, a violent wake up call from a self-created delusion. The first is a gentle unfolding, like the petals of a flower opening up to the morning sun, while the latter will be sudden, overwhelming, and painful.

How do you choose to approach the portal of death; will you relax into it, and thus find eternal life, or will you resist and persist with the fight, flight, or freeze survival instincts?  Both are perfectly acceptable paths, but they’re not equally pleasant and rewarding to experience.

A tapping video by Brad Yates on letting go of neediness:

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