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“The formula used by the Elite, who own all of the world’s media outlets:

Problem –> Reaction –> Solution

Create the problem, foment a controlled emotional reaction by the public, and then provide the solution they wanted all along, already prepared, packaged, and ready to go. It’s how they steer public opinion and engineer their desired results. Works every time too.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Do you want a revolution, or an evolution? A revolution is quite literally a circle that brings you right back to where you started, but evolution is an opportunity to start a new game that you haven’t played before. Why revolve around in an attempt to beat a rigged game, when you could have a fresh start in a brand new game? We choose to stop giving energy to the tired old control system, and to instead evolve past it and into an exciting new game with fair rules. How about you?” ~Nathan & Aline

“It has been said that the only choice that we can actually make is between fear and love, but we feel that it is important to listen to your fear in order to transform it into love. Fear isn’t the opposition, as it is only a messenger, much like a status light in a car; for it communicates your limiting belief patterns to you, so that you might transmute them from lead into gold. Those who choose love over fear are just bypassing the most important feedback device they’ve been given to navigate their life, and ironically, they are choosing fear whenever they think they are choosing love. Here is the actual core choice then: do you choose fear, or do you choose to listen to, understand, and transform your fear into love?” ~Nathan & Aline

“We have found that rather than avoiding our fears and focusing only on the positive, which is a duality of either/or, that we can do shadow work on our fears, asking, ‘what is the limiting pattern’ and ‘why is the pattern there’, so that we can transmute the duality into something unified. In duality, the dual poles are opposing one another, but in unity the polarities are working in union together. The Divine Marriage is the effect of having transmuted the lower into the higher, from the warring of the two into the marriage of the two. This is why alchemy and the mystical paths are known as the “third way”; they are neither positive or negative, nor black or white, but whole and unified from the inside-out.” ~Nathan & Aline

“As a general rule, women have the limiting belief that men are meant to protect them from their pain, while men have the limiting belief that women are meant to give them pleasure. The reverse is also true, as men believe they must save women from their pain, while women believe that they must save men by giving them pleasure. This is an outside-in belief that neuters each’s ability to find their security and pleasure from within, making them dependent on an external other to fill their lack.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Sympathy is compassion without understanding, whereas empathy is compassion with understanding. Sympathy connects through a shared wound to enable the victim’s status as a victim, since the sympathetic party does not even understand their own wounds, for if they did, they would not enable others. On the other hand, because empathetic individuals understand themselves and their past wounds, they have clear boundaries and empower those who think they are victims to find their solutions, and thus their power, from within.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Love is conditional within a trigger, when we’re enabling to avoid a trigger, or enabling to fulfill an expectation (which leads to a trigger when unmet), and unconditional at all other times. Often people enable and call it unconditional love, which is problematic, since it is reasoning away the enabling under the guise of unconditional love. It is quite easy to love children unconditionally, even though some of it may be enabling for unconscious reasons, depending on the parent’s own limiting belief patterns. Many people confuse tough love with conditional love, but it is anything but conditional, as it is taking the necessary steps to compassionately allow our loved ones to experience the natural consequences of their beliefs and behaviors, so that they can then make conscious changes to them — or not. So even though it is often misunderstood as conditional, tough love is definitely unconditional and aligned with natural law.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Forgiveness isn’t a word to be used lightly, as it is not a cause, but the effect of traveling deep within into your past traumas and torments, and transforming them with the light of your understanding and consciousness.  If you say “I forgive you”, and yet haven’t alchemically transformed the situation within you, you haven’t forgiven anybody of anything.” ~Nathan & Aline

“There is a saying “feelings buried alive never die”. This means that when we bury our feelings within, they unconsciously cause us problems, but if we can listen to them and understand their messages to us, they will fuel our transformation from a destructive caterpillar — into a beautiful butterfly.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Unity consciousness has never been about a group of people working towards a common cause, or for the benefit of the greater community as a whole, for it’s solely about the state of being unified within the individual. A fragmented being is not in unity within themselves, but a whole being is; it’s just that simple.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Is it reasonable to tell a person to modify their behavior, when behavior is the product of both their perspectives and understanding of life? It’s simple cause and effect; rather than modifying the effects, instead modify the causes. They must first change their perspective, through adding understanding, and then their behavior will automatically modify as a result of those core changes.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Reincarnation is when a soul believes that they must return to the earth to pay off karma at the promptings of an authoritative being external to them, but incarnation is a choice made by a sovereign being of when, where, and why to incarnate. Those who incarnate may do so more than once, but do so at their own discretion, not because of a supposed authority, but because they are exercising their free agency and will power for a purpose. A being can incarnate in a single realm or dimension as often as they choose without it being reincarnation, but a being trapped in the recycling of souls, does so because they believe they have to, and are thus imprisoned by that belief.” ~Nathan & Aline

“New Age spirituality seeks to unify people externally as one, but the mystical paths promote the inner journey of union within the individual. Unity is not a bunch of people banding together for the common good, but the union of the thoughts, feelings, and actions of an individual to express creativity apart from the homogeneous collective.”~Nathan & Aline​

“The religious paths focus on behavioral modification, while the mystical paths focus on alchemical transformation; the first seeks to modify the mirror, while the latter seeks to change the source that is reflected by the mirror. As a mystic, our role is to transform the lower into the higher by transmuting our childhood lead into gold, and we do this by emotionally processing our childhood experiences and traumas, so that they might be understood and transformed.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Politicians are mid level management with very little impact on creating policy for communities and nations; they are the public relations department of the power brokers who own them. Their ruse is meant to distract the public from the work that truly matters in our world — gaining self-knowledge — which is the only effective means of change available to humanity. Will you continue to place your hope in the puppet theater of politics, or will you tune it out, dig in, and exert the necessary effort to know yourself?” ~Nathan & Aline

“The feminine is the high priestess and the masculine is the king; it is her role to reconnect her king to the spiritual layer of the earth, so that he might rule well.  His kingdom is empty without his high priestess coronating him with her insights, for her understanding is the crown upon his head.  He is the master of knowledge, she is the mistress of understanding, and their child is the kingdom that they co-create together — wisdom.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Our job is not to awaken the masses, as that is outside-in, but to awaken ourselves from the inside-out. It may seem that we write and post for others, however, we only do so for our own benefit, in order to ground our insights. When we are inspired to write or speak, we learn new things and deepen our own understanding, those who may gain from it are just a side-effect of our own evolution.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Union is not a collection of people working together towards a common cause, but the harmonious balance of thoughts, emotions, and body working together as One mind within an individual. Being in union is the conscious attainment of perfected individuality from out of the collective unconscious of humanity.” ~Nathan & Aline

“So much of the ‘soulmate’ excitement is more about crafting a spiritual story to support a stalking obsession. If your One and only soulmate is running from you, maybe it is because you are imbalanced and need to go within to understand why, as they are only a mirror that is showing you an aspect of yourself. You can stalk the mirror until you catch it, and Photoshop it as much as you want, or you can go within and learn more about yourself, and find and integrate your shadow that the situation is reflecting to you. You may even find that they were never your soulmate, but just a person that resonated with a childhood wound — a mommy or daddy issue.” ~Nathan & Aline

“My truth as I understand it is relative, just as your truth as you understand it is relative, but just because our truths are relative, does not mean that THE Truth is also relative — THE Truth is indeed absolute.  It is each person’s grand work to bridge the gap between their relative truth and THE absolute Truth, to ultimately achieve that pinnacle of merging the Self with THE absolute Truth of Source consciousness — the Divine Marriage.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Just because we are all equal in our core being as aspects of Source, does not mean that we are all equal in the hierarchy of life, nor in our understanding of life. Is it reasonable for a sales clerk to correct a fireman in his craft, or for a computer repair person to correct the technique of a skilled artisan? We are not all equal in our abilities, in how we choose to express our lives, nor in our level of Self awareness and mastery — it is in our core being and essence that we find our equality.  The effect of aligning our lives with natural law is to have found our own unique place within the hierarchy of life; thus when it comes to what you know, we are not your equal, and when it comes to what we know, you are not ours, for we are each uniquely One.” ~Nathan & Aline​

“When I ask you (me, or anyone) ‘why’, it is because I deeply desire to understand YOU, and deeply desire to find myself in you. However, when many people do finally ask ‘why’, they seek to humiliate another with their questions, rather than understand them. They have weaponized their ‘why’ to support their own attachments to ‘how’ they think the other should be acting. Is your ‘why’ a weapon, or a vehicle that brings you understanding?” ~Nathan

“Giving a reason to explain away a behavioral pattern is not the same as looking to understand the reason why a behavioral pattern is present. While both may answer why, which is the primary function of logic, the first is done to avoid personal responsibility, but the latter is done to grow personal responsibility. Do you use logic to avoid responsibility, or to grow in your responsibility?” ~Nathan & Aline

“The truth is not relevant to those who do not know how, nor desire, to think critically. Giving people enough information to make an informed decision only works when they actually know how, and desire, to make an informed decision.” ~Nathan & Aline​

“We are taught as children, through our family, schools, society, religion, etc., that we are only valuable when we give in ways that others desire, not in ways that express our unique talents. Therefore, in this limiting belief, when we try to give value through our talents, we will be overlooked and unseen, but if we conform to what those in the micro or macro desire from us, we will be seen and valued. Letting go of this limiting belief will allow for us to express our unique gifts without the need to conform to the expectations of others, and for them to finally see and appreciate us when we do.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Many people believe that because ‘they do, they are’, rather than ‘they are, therefore they do’.  Our actions do not change who we are, rather they reflect who we are.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Each person has three “Selves”, a higher Self, a middle Self, and a lower Self; where our higher Self is Angelic, empathetic, and Divine, our middle Self is our physical vehicle and individuality, and our lower Self is our base animal instincts, selfishness, fear, psychopathy, and demonic desires. In any given moment, our physical vessel can choose to nurture its relationship to either our higher or baser Self, just as parents can choose to raise their children by empowering their relationship to the higher, or enabling their relationship to the lower. Our attachments to our own lower desires will cause us to enable our friends, family, and society, but if we have sufficiently nurtured our connection to our higher us, we will empower our friends, family, and society to greater heights of love and intimacy. Do you enable yourself and others, or do you empower yourself and others?” – Nathan & Aline

Empowerment is not giving people our answers, rather, it assists them in reconnecting to their questions. ~Nathan & Aline

“Rather than using logic to process knowledge and gain understanding, most people use logical fallacies to answer “why” questions in support of their goals.  The use of logical fallacies is manipulative — when done unconsciously, it is foolishness and blind rhetoric, but when done consciously, is sophism and black magic.”  ~Nathan & Aline

“Speaking YOUR truth and aligning with THE truth are not the same thing, whereas YOUR truth is your knowledge of your reality, THE truth is the Divine Natural Laws that must be aligned with through understanding. It is imperative to align YOUR truth with THE truth, utilizing critical thinking skills and logical processing of your emotions, otherwise they will remain divergent and in conflict with one another. While everyone has their own truth, not everyone is aligned with the One truth.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Instead of being the master over our bodies, emotions, and thoughts, it’s time to allow our bodies, emotions and thoughts to express our mastery.” ~Nathan & Aline

“If I am the victim, then I must also be a villain, and if I am the villain, then I must also be a victim; both the victim and the villain resides within me when I experience life as either a victim or a villain.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Wisdom is the ability to utilize both your knowledge and understanding in your actions. Knowledge answers “what” questions, understanding answers “why” questions, and wisdom is the synthesis of your “what” and “why” into your “how” questions/answers. If you jump into your “how” without first acquiring enough knowledge and understanding, you are not making a wise choice.” ~Nathan & Aline

“If you aren’t being present with your negative feelings when they arise, are you actually experiencing the present moment, or avoiding it?” ~Nathan & Aline

“Convincing people that “we’re all one” is done to make the masses easier to manipulate, and to herd them like sheep. However, our true power comes when we unify our fragmented and traumatized aspects of Self within, to become a whole person, intimate in relationship to Self. Such a unified being is unable to be herded or manipulated, and expresses their individual thought apart from the mass unconscious of the herd. Unconscious, enmeshed, and enslaved beings are externally unified, whereas conscious, individuated, and sovereign beings are unified within.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Being enlightened is a process and a pattern – not a goal. All you need is to be aware of and connected to this process, and you’ll always have access to the answers you need. Once connected to this process, you’ll never be more enlightened than you were when you first learned it, but you’ll always continue to change, deepen, and expand your Self-awareness.  Transformation results from being in your process, whereas enlightenment is your process.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Once you ARE it, you’ll always HAVE it, and your life will REFLECT it. The key is found within the realization that being it is not a goal driven, but a process driven lifestyle; it is in the midst of your process that being happens, whereas goals cause you to always chase it with actions. Would you rather be and have it, or want and chase it? This subtle but major perspective shift is the difference between wanting and having.” ~Nathan & Aline

“The compassion of most people is anything but compassionate, for it is motivated by their pain, fears, and powerlessness; the results of such compassionate actions are disempowering and ultimately destructive. They must first tend to their own wounds and heal themselves – understand their desire to give their power away to heroes and saviors, or why they desire to act as such. It is only after they observe why they fail to take full responsibility for their thoughts and behaviors, that they will finally be able to act in a compassionate manner that is beneficial to others.” ~Nathan Martin

“Accepting what is without understanding ‘why’ things are as they are is avoidance, this form of acceptance is a trap that keeps one powerless. Being present with what is with the intent to understand it, is transformative and powerful, and allows for new feelings, and their associated experiences, to manifest. This form of presence accepts how things are, to notice the patterns; the ability to discern patterns is known as consciousness or awareness. Once a pattern becomes conscious through understanding, new wise actions can be implemented to change the situation.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Oneness is not a linear value or number, but a quality of intimate connectedness within our Self.  The belief that we are all one is only true once we are One inside, but until then, it is just enmeshment and codependency, which is a sick unity.  Being One from the inside reflects our uniqueness out, but being one externally enslaves our soul within our body.  We cannot experience the fullness of unity with another until we are One within.” ~Nathan & Aline

“There is a subtle difference between answering questions and giving answers, the first springs naturally from the inside-out, while the latter is forced from the outside-in.” ~Nathan & Aline

“When I say that Aline is “my” partner, I do not do so from a possessive “my”, since she is not my property or object, but I say “my” as in “my arm”, “my leg”, “my body”, as this denotes a type of intimacy and unity between us. I do not own my arm, but I am connected and One with my arm, and the same is true in my partnership with Aline – she is my partner, we are intimately connected, and we are One.” ~Nathan (& Aline)

“Fifty Shades of Grey is to sacred sexuality as the Secret was to alchemy and metaphysics, it’s a pale comparison to the true power and potential of the real thing. It’s not a device that brings awareness, but a fad meant to hijack, give misdirected answers, and confusion to those with real questions. Continue to refine your questions, and you’ll integrate and deepen your understanding of your sexuality – in spite of this manufactured answer.” ~Nathan & Aline

“The wounds from our traumas have an accumulative effect on our perspective in life, as each one piles onto the other, causing us to look back more and more to the innocence lost, rather than to the possibilities that lie ahead. As Marshall McLuhan stated, ‘We navigate into the future like someone driving who uses only the rear view mirror to tell them where they’re going.'” ~Nathan & Aline

“There is no one on the face of this planet that deserves to clean up your mess. Own your own mess. It is yours and yours alone. This means your house, your job, your relationships, your emotions, your life. Even going to others asking them what they think your mess is and how you should handle it is shoving it onto others. You can feel your mess. You know what it is and it is no one else’s job to handle it other than your own. There are techniques that make it easier for it to be owned and dealt with, such as EFT, and it is your job to learn the techniques or be led through them. It is not even the practitioners job to “heal” you. Only you can do that, because it is yours.” ~Bonnie Ka Lasher

“Increasing your self-awareness is the most powerful act of service that you can do for others.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Utilizing the universal law of “Cause and Effect” grants a person the opportunity to undo a cause to have a new effect; put simply, change the cause and experience a new effect. Our beliefs and relationship patterns are the primary source causes that must be examined to experience new effects in our lives.” ~Nathan & Aline

“We will hate in others that which we hate in ourselves, and we will love in others that which we love about ourselves; the mirror is absolute, regardless of whether we choose to see it or not. To the extent that we love the aspects of ourselves that we consider less desirable and broken, is the degree that we will accept the shadow sides of those that we love. Integrate that which we hate about ourselves, and we will experience greater love in all of our relationships.” ~Nathan & Aline

“An awakened being still has feelings, including anger, sadness, and fear, only a self-deluded ego will pretend to have transcended their feelings to prove their supposed enlightened spiritual status. The biggest difference between an awake and an asleep individual is that the awake person is conscious and aware of their feelings, and has the capacity to understand why they are feeling them in the first place, while the sleeping are too busy suppressing theirs, blaming external factors, forces, and people, to have any clue about their origins or messages.” ~Nathan & Aline

“We are not all equal, we are all unique, and we fit together as unique puzzle pieces when the pieces match; for not all puzzle pieces fit together equally.” ~Nathan & Aline

“We’ve got a radically different view of unity consciousness, one that has permeated all of our writings for the past several years, where individuation of the Self from out of the muddied waters of duality consciousness results in complete individuality and uniqueness, and not less. We call the unity concept of the duality paradigm “consciousness soup”, which is an enmeshed mass of beings who have given up their individuality to a collective “we” and hierarchy—it’s uniting from a collective wound. An enlightened being is a unique, individuated being, and not an entangled one.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Being present is the gift, no action can equal the gift of being present with another person.  We’ve gotten it backwards in our society, and it’s time that we change that; actions result from being, actions do not secure being.  I’ll be here now with you, and you can be here now with me, and that is how we’ll be together.”  ~Nathan & Aline

“Inaction, tolerance, and appeasement do not prevent bad things from happening, because they are built upon the irresponsible pattern of hope; instead, they actually create, allow, and embolden the evil that you are hoping to avoid, to manifest into a dark reality. In order to avoid such catastrophe, a person must set firm and loving boundaries, however, setting limits is not an action but a state of allowing your full energetic being into your body, and that can only happen through losing hope. The end of hope is the beginning of taking responsibility for your life, and being responsible for your life means that you know who you are, and where your boundaries begin and end – bad things cannot happen to such a person.” ~Nathan Martin

“Any peace that is brokered between two parties, where there is an agreement, contract, or treaty, is a farce and a lie. True peace does not happen between two or more parties, but from within an individual person; it is a state of being that is reflected in their life, and not imposed upon it. World peace is a pattern of relating that begins and ends within each individual person, it is a pattern that begins and ends within you.” ~Nathan Martin

This is what sets the Divine Pollination Hive apart from the other Tantra schools; they have a “how” with a “why” that supports their “how”…and we have a “why” with a “how” that supports our “why”. ~Nathan & Aline

“Nobody will ever treat you worse than you perceive yourself, and nobody will ever treat you better than you perceive yourself; your perceptions of self are the standards that dictate how others must treat you.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Learning a technique cannot change who you are, it can only show you, and help you manage, who you are; true change only comes from deeply understanding why you are who you are.  So if you really want to use a technique to change, use those that promote an understanding of who you are.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Fighting the system, bankers, and governments will not raise awareness, raising Self-awareness will cause the system, bankers, and governments to behave in a way that reflects your new energetic signature. To experience something new, change who you are, not how you or others act.” ~Aline & Nathan

“Asking questions is the most dangerous thing that a person can do to threaten the current societal paradigm…this is why they try to imprint our questions through social conditioning; schools, media, political, and religious means. You don’t need to be an activist, you don’t need to change their minds, you don’t even need to stop their actions, you just need to keep asking the questions, and seeking to understand why it is happening in the way that it is.  Breaking free and asking the right questions, those that need to be asked, is paradigm changing.” ~Nathan

“Awareness is the first half of the equation to releasing and changing, understanding is the second half. You cannot reach understanding without awareness.  If you are using an emotional modality that does not bring awareness and understanding, then you are not truly releasing and changing.  Full understanding is what brings about automatic change and unravels fear, anger, and sadness.” ~Bonnie Ka Lasher

“Whatever we are anti about, we actually are. If we are anti-greed, then we are actually greedy within. We can’t be anti something unless we have embodied whatever “it” is. To become anti means to reject that part of us, while holding onto such concepts means we either have to be them or be anti them. We aren’t free of them. These concepts must be let go of [integrated] not to “be” them anymore.” ~Bonnie Ka Lasher

“Intimate relationships are the religion of the future; understanding from the feminine its prayer, wisdom from the masculine its Bible, and sex its ritual.” ~Aline & Nathan

“Letting go doesn’t embrace the positive to avoid the negative, it embraces and reconciles both to experience a life of neutrality, balance, and harmony. Letting go comes through understanding your Self.” ~Aline & Nathan

“Is sharing the burden, or enabling somebody’s aversion to their own pain and suffering, really compassionate or supportive? You are not obligated to share your energy and manifestations with anybody else, there is no reason to allow parasites and vampires to feed off of you in the name of fairness, or doing your fair share. Nobody is entitled to your sovereign wares, just as you’re not entitled to theirs; compassion and support begins after this foundational understanding, and not before.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Be aware of your own body, be aware of your own feelings, and be mindful of your thoughts; seek to understand why you believe and behave as you do – turn the lie into the truth, and make the unconscious-conscious; which is true awareness.” ~Aline & Nathan

“When we say ’embrace your shadow side’, we are not encouraging you to indulge yourself with an orgy of selfish gratification, but rather we are encouraging a compassionate and intimate peek into understanding why you act and believe as you do. Instead of permission to jump head first into dark behavior, it is the freedom to understand the limiting beliefs that causes your dark behavior. In this way, we encourage you, embrace your shadow side.” ~Nathan & Aline

“It’s all real, until it’s not.” ~Aline & Nathan

“To upgrade your discernment, seek understanding.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Understanding connects hearts together, without it, people experience a competitive world of separation.” ~Aline & Nathan

“Losing yourself in another person is codependent, finding your Self in them is enlightened.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Understanding is the catalyst of forgiveness.” ~Aline & Nathan

“A belief is an unconscious pattern of relating, there is no longer a need for them once you are conscious of every decision that you might make.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Enlightenment is the pinnacle of intimacy.” ~Aline & Nathan

“Some people ask ‘why’ to learn their limitations and work within them, others ask ‘why’ to transform their limitations to create something new.” ~Aline & Nathan

“You cannot change that which you do not understand, therefore seek understanding.” ~Nathan & Aline

“You can only know another as deeply as you know your Self.” ~Aline & Nathan

“Understanding deepens a person’s capacity to be present in the moment, as being present isn’t truly present when it is avoiding being present with the pain, suffering, and unconscious patterns that are surfacing.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Romantic actions do not create intimacy, intimacy creates romantic actions.” ~Aline & Nathan

“To take your spirituality to the next level, try meditating on your emotional pain to understand it, rather than meditating to avoid it.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Relating to the world from a space of wholeness allows you to experience a whole world.” ~Aline & Nathan

“Your life is a reflection of your beliefs.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Experiencing drama to expose your pain, for the purpose of becoming intimate with and understanding it, brings you closer to awakening, not further away.” ~Aline & Nathan

“The feminine brings understanding to her masculine, her heart is her giving organ from the divine, while the masculine offers wisdom to his feminine, his genitals are his giving organ from the earth; this is the circular flow of the Divine Marriage.” ~Nathan & Aline

“There are many realities and paths, but there is only One Truth, and it is found through connecting into your One unique path to your Creator Source within.” ~Aline & Nathan

“You can never do enough to save the world, but you can understand your Self to change your world.” ~Nathan & Aline

“If you’re not satisfied with the way your life has materialized, instead of attempting to change ‘how’ you do things, try asking ‘why’ things are as they are – asking ‘why’ upgrades your ‘how’ solutions.” ~Aline & Nathan

“Actions are a choice insomuch as Self-awareness is a choice, for when you choose to understand yourself, wise actions will always follow.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Guilt is the food of addiction; when you transmute your guilt into awareness, you will starve your addictions and they will fade away.” ~Aline & Nathan

“Humanity does not suffer from a lack of compassion, but rather a lack of awareness in their compassion.” ~Nathan & Aline

“To experience a life without compromising your Self while still connecting to people, you must master the art of asking ‘why’ questions.” ~Aline & Nathan

“I am not your equal, and you are not mine, for we are each uniquely One.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Awareness doesn’t start outside and force its way in, it’s a choice from within that works its way out.” ~Aline & Nathan

“Each person is unique and has a specific purpose and function within the greater whole; this is not equality, this is unity.” ~Nathan & Aline

“Sameness is not harmonious or in unity, but is instead a lack of Self-awareness of your own specific, honed, and unique gifts in life. However, harmony is the many unique gifts coming together to support one another as a unit; which is Oneness.” ~Aline & Nathan

“Questions still exist for the enlightened, they just find their answers within.” ~Nathan & Aline

“If you desire lasting change, instead of learning new skills and forcing them upon your being, try shifting your internal being and then allowing your actions reflect your new energetic signature.” Aline & Nathan

“Awakening is the complete understanding of a person’s unique role within the mosaic of the greater whole, it is a total surrender to fulfill their special function in support of the One — for in unity, the One supports the One.” ~Nathan & Aline

“We are not meant to be the same as each other, but individual and unique in relationship to one another.” ~Aline & Nathan

“Do you feel emotionally, spiritually, and physically met? Your soulmate is not meant to complete you, but to meet you.” ~Nathan & Aline

“The connection to universal flow is found within the question, it is the place where the stream of answers eternally springs forth into being.” ~Aline & Nathan

“Equality is not Oneness, it is sameness—being unique is what makes us One.” ~Aline & Nathan

“True change comes from within your being and is reflected by your external actions, while false change is gained through your external actions and is forced upon your being.”  ~Aline & Nathan

“If you wish to master your life, first master the art of asking questions.” ~Nathan & Aline

JUDGING JUDGMENT: “If you would like to quit judging others to experience a harmonious life, then you must first stop judging it. Yes, you must clear your judgment of judgment in order to witness all of your other judgments, to finally leave the trap of judgment. Anything else is just an ego workaround (self-deception) that pretends to have stopped judging.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

COMPARISON VS. UNIQUENESS: “Anything that is “special” because of a comparison between two similar things is only possible from a belief in separation, far from intimate, it is quite the opposite — a disconnected lie. Special is only such when it is unique, as uniqueness is unity, oneness, and intimacy; thus a unique special is connected and incomparable, while a comparative special is a contradiction and nonsensical.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

SCHOOL SYSTEMS: “The vast majority of humanity’s school systems are intentionally designed to box up children into prepackaged robots that will perpetuate society’s status quo, and then label them as “successful” as their reward for obedience. These systems are nothing more than institutionalized violence against children, forcing them to look outside their Self for approval, wellbeing, direction, capability, and identity; instead of inside where their unique passions, roles, functions, purpose, and Self-expression is found.” ~Nathan Marin & Aline Van Meer

ROYAL CHILDREN: “Instead of parents seeing children as less than them, incapable of making good choices apart from their promptings; they should treat their children as royalty and serve them as their trusted advisors who give wise council. Rather than telling the royal what to do, an advisor asks thought provoking questions that allow them to discover the answer internally; trusting the process without tainting their decision with any expectations. Children are not property or slaves, they are sovereign royalty that their parents have the honor of serving.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

UNCREATION: “Humanity’s current ability to create is actually just the opposite, it’s an ability to uncreate; uncreation is the process of reverse engineering that which is already created to make something that mimics the real thing. This is what science, philosophy, art, and religion does, it studies and dissects the universe, both physical and spiritual, in order to gain the knowledge necessary to manipulate and mimic it. Knowledge is obtained through uncreation, and is thus contrary to creation, and this obsession for knowledge actually drives people further and further from their creative birthright, for they must continue to consume, dissect, and ruin that which is already created in order to build even more advanced ‘Frankenstein monsters’ and counterfeit creations.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

THE ONE WITHIN THE ONE: “We are each ‘the one’, but even if ‘the one’ who follows us is ‘the one’, is ‘the one’ supporting ‘the next one’ not as necessary? Leaves need the branches, which needs the trunk, which needs the roots, which needs the sun, the soil, and water; each is ‘the one’ within ‘the one’ supporting the other ‘one’. So it is that each person is unique and has a specific purpose and function within the greater whole; this is not equality, this is unity.” ~Nathan & Aline

HAVE FAITH: “Having faith is a nebulous concept put forward by religious organizations as the means of gaining divine favor, a way to pull in miraculous manifestations, an excuse to trust God when dogma doesn’t make rational sense, and as a catch all for submitting to religious authority. Far from an authoritarian stick to control people with, or a call to blindly trust the unknown, faith can better be understood as ‘depth of consciousness’ and as a call to ‘see the big picture’; for when we go inside to where God is, diving deep into our soul, we get to see more of what is really going on. Those who look outside for help are more susceptible to being deceived and controlled, but those who go inside are able to see the truth of the overall situation, while also having an expanded view and perspective on life. Faith, therefore, is not a call to blindly believe in an etheric god and the dogmas of his fearful and controlling adherents, but to expand your understanding of each situation through Self-discovery and deepening of character. The call to ‘have faith’ is the call to expand your awareness and to go deeper into Self.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

LETTING GO:  “When we’re in conflict with another, there’s a place that one wants to get to that we *SO* much desire, which is pushing us forward in the conflict.

Generally, we think that this happens by finding a resolution…or, by forcing the other person to submit.

This is a fundamental illusion, friends.

That place, the one we’re just dying to get to when we’re in conflict, is reachable only with the let-go.

*Not* by getting the other person to modify their behavior or thinking in any way.

Even if your nemesis did a complete 180 and became your best friend, that *still* wouldn’t take you to that place that you’re being urged to…

*That* place is the let go, and you can do it right in the middle, without ever giving the ‘offending’ party another uncomfortable thought….” ~Truly Yo, aka Brian Walter

CREATION IN DUALITY vs. UNITY: “Since the masculine’s role is to reflect his feminine’s being, we know that the feminine is the source material and energy to create, while the masculine physically manifests her intentions and inspiration. In duality though, the feminine resists her masculine’s attempts at manifestation because he is dominating and raping her source material to create his own prideful intentions. We see this in the curse of Genesis 3, as the masculine rules over the feminine and must work the fields with sweat and labor, while also navigating the thorns and weeds; thus it is a struggle for the two of them to produce and manifest anything together.

Once on the path away from the curse of duality and back towards the ease of unity, the masculine must clear his desire to dominate and rape his feminine as a resource, along with overriding her intentions for prideful gain, while the feminine must also stop submitting to him, take back her role as intention setter, and stop resisting his actions. With this, she will effortlessly offer up her creative source material to her masculine for physical manifestation, and he will effortlessly implement her pure intentions. This harmonious union between the masculine and feminine is known as the Divine Marriage.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

APPROVAL: “The prideful desire to prove somebody wrong or right about one’s choices and accomplishments is what perpetuates feelings of shame, as well as sustaining the vacuum necessary to take on the shame from others; for without the need for their approval, there is no shame from failures. And if there is no shame from failures, then what constitutes a failure anyway? It ceases to exist now too.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

POLE SHIFT: “Duality is a rigged pyramid ponzi scheme, there is no fairness to be found within it’s rigid confines and mass resource rape. From the feminine’s role of being subjugated to her masculine while also experiencing painful creative expression, to the masculine’s role of ruling over his feminine while experiencing laborious effort in all of his intentions, balance is impossible. There is good news though, for the upcoming pole shift will neutralize the dual, polarized extremes and allow for Divine Union between the masculine and feminine once more; flipping the roles of father sky and mother earth back to their original harmonious existence of mother sky and father earth. Those who are ready will experience the instant relief of Divine Union within their Self, while those who are stuck in the old paradigm will require a little more time to let go of their blinding and deafening pride. The remaining that refuse to return to their feminine will be left in their own isolation, never again to consume, rule over, or harm another soul ever again.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

PRIDE vs. JOY: “Pride, the counterfeit joy states, ‘find your divinity from your accomplishments and stories and not from your essence’, while joy says, ‘I’ve been patiently waiting within your heart, to effortlessly co-create your wildest dreams with you, all along’.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

THE GOVERNMENT AND ITS PEOPLE: “As the masculine is the reflection manifesting his feminine’s being within a body or between a couple, so too will a government (masculine) reflect its people’s (feminine) state of consciousness and being. The feminine being mad at her masculine’s actions is akin to being mad at a mirror for what you see when you look deeply into it. Unfortunately, since the consequences of the Garden of Eden, with the feminine’s desire to please (asset/liability) her masculine and his inability to do anything but rule over her, the masculine can only show duality to her in the form of being her slave master, and her being his slave. This is why all governments, no matter how benign they may start out, always become tyrannical, and why all relationships always maintain an aspect of the ruler/asset/liability energy, because the masculine can only rule over his feminine. This is a sad reality within the dualistic dimension, no amount of fantasizing or legislating laws can make it otherwise. The only solution is undoing the dualistic dimension within the energy field of an individual or couple by going inside, in effect ‘un-eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’, thus creating personal sovereignty of self, changing the outcomes within any associated masculine/feminine relationships that may touch them. Expressing sovereignty within the being is unity consciousness.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

MAIN STREAM MEDIA: “Have you ever noticed that the biggest news stories in the media are the ones that divide? This is intentional, not because they sell the most, but mainly because it prevents unity within the people. To the powers that be, unity is a very bad thing, unless of course they want the people to be united behind one of their false causes; but generally speaking, division is their desired outcome.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

THE COMING SEXUAL REVOLUTION: “The coming sexual revolution will be equivalent to handing a group of children fully loaded assault rifles in a packed shopping mall after convincing them that it’s only a video game, and that nobody will actually get hurt. In the hands of a skillful master-creator, sexual energy is a brilliant tool of light for crafting a purposeful life, but in the hands of an emotionally stunted, unaware, and immature being, this same life affirming tool can sow all manner of chaos, disharmony, and destruction. The repression of sexual freedom has caused such a tension and ignorance in the world that when the floodgates are finally lifted, humanity will be catapulted into an epic orgy that will again distract them from what really matters in life–internal love, joy, harmony, and peace.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

AVOIDANCE CONSCIOUSNESS: “Spiritual people have the tendency to attempt the jump from duality to unity without allowing for the intermediate steps in between. Since there is no judgment in unity, they avoid all judgment in duality; all while still being governed by the reality of this dualistic dimension. If a negative feeling comes to the surface, this is a very real feeling that must be honored, felt, and cleared, not avoided since ‘negativity doesn’t exist’ in unity. The TRUTH is, negativity DOES exist in duality, and until someone can fully experience unity consciousness, along with all of the godlike creative abilities and powers that accompany that state of being, they will still have to deal with their negative feelings and experiences. They think they are in unity consciousness, but are actually an enlightened ego experiencing avoidance.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

FLATTERY vs. SUPPORT: “When someone feels insecure and their friend or partner comes to their rescue to build them back up, this is seen as a supportive action. However, this is anything but supportive and is instead enabling the insecurity to continue; this type of support is shallow and lacks depth–it is just flattery. True support does not enable fears, it does not get defensive and angry, and it certianly does not panic and run away; rather it lovingly asks questions of the one who is feeling insecure to find, and then neutralize the fear through forgiveness and emotional releasing. Being emotionally supportive is far from flattery, it compassionately assists the insecure person to deal with their pain instead of avoiding it.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

PARENTAL SHAME: “When parents hold shame it is projected onto the children. The children will carry and act out that shame in some way. It isn’t their shame, and many times it wasn’t the parents’s shame either, it was handed to them from their parents. Shame is terrifying to face, but taking responsibility for our own shame, being aware of it and accepting that it is there, will free our children for carrying that burden and it will free the parents and children to fully love one another.” ~Bonnie Ka Lasher

ENLIGHTENED TANTRUMS: “Many spiritual circles view enlightenment through the blurry lens of emotional avoidance, which they think is ‘acceptance’; as if denying the very real negative feelings in the moment can prove an awakened status. This is nothing more than an egoic attempt at avoiding pain, it is a defense mechanism designed to keep one safe through utilizing spiritual terminology. Seeking safety by avoiding the unsafe feelings that are a natural experience within this dualistic dimension is not acceptance; it is a judgement against them and thus a fraud. Instead, allow yourself to throw an ‘enlightened tantrum’ and look at the reflection found in your mirrors, learning the lesson that your pain is sending you; this process is called ‘shadow work’. It is time to get your hands messy and do the dirty work of enlightenment, to stop telling the same old lies that created your patterns in the first place–this is waking up.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“Humanity is stuck looking outside of themselves for a savior, looking for a cure to their feelings of separation through an external stimulus or action; this dualistic dimension is rigged with promises of external salvation. All external cures can only provide temporary relief though, as can any outside salvation; your messiah, savior, or God will remain an illusion as long as you wait for them to save you. Find them inside of your heart here and now and you are already saved, or seek for them as separate from your heart and you’re believing the lie and giving your power away” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“Doing merely reflects your being, changing what you’re doing without a shift in your being doesn’t change a thing.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“Oneness is not about eradicating the ego, but allowing it to come home.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“You can find me in your heart, I will find you in mine–and it is there that we are One.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“The feminine is the masculine’s internal guidance system, and if she trusts him, he makes wise decisions that are guided by this trust. In our reality, the feminine continually tests her masculine to see if he is trustworthy, however, this stems from the original belief that men cannot be trusted; and this is true in a sense, men cannot be trusted if they are not trusted by their feminine. Withholding trust is the feminine’s way of separating to feel safe, but it instead perpetuates the unsafe feelings indefinitely and makes it impossible to break free from the cycle. This separation therefore results in the masculine being disconnected from his internal guidance system and unable to make the wise decisions that are necessary to support their union.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“When someone you know is going through ego issues and you feel triggered by them, we encourage you to take it ‘personally’ and then transform it internally; literally to ‘be the change’ by seeing the reflections of what others are teaching you about you. They are your mirror; will you see yourself in them when their ego stuff comes up, or will you push it away and deny yourself the valuable lessons that they are reflecting to you? If you choose the former, you are another Gandhi, if you choose the latter, you are in denial.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“Your external world is merely a reflection of your internal world; no amount of altering the mirror will change the reality that you are projecting onto it.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“Oneness without individuality is enmeshment and slavery. Individuality without Oneness is separation and selfishness. The two must be in balance within the One, which allows uniqueness and connection.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“Right now we equate change with instability, it’s impossible to get anywhere though if things aren’t changing. In our current reality, changes highlight the imbalances within our internal world, which can feel painful at times. It is time to embrace change to find and integrate those imbalances, thus bringing stability to an ever changing world.” ~Bonnie Ka Lasher & Nathan Martin

“You can always change your manifested experience of life by looking inside of yourself; just as the outside universe is infinitely big, you are infinitely deep. While there are limits to what you can affect by attempting change externally, you will find infinite greatness and potential when you go within.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“It does not feel good when one’s reality begins to fall apart. Many choose to stay in denial, which is merely resisting the truth.” ~Bonnie Ka Lasher

“Sometimes its easier to change your perspective just a hair, so instead of making life “fair”, which involves measuring between sides; winning, losing, and sameness….try seeing life as “unique”, which is about unity and individualism. The pursuit of fairness dissolves when you make your life a unique one.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“Although love is not diminished by loving more than one person, what most people miss is that we are evolving towards unity. Universal love, love for all humanity, is the highest form of love you can experience in duality, as it deals with equality in your loving; however, in unity, love is not equal, it is unique and one. Therefore, to wonder if love can be diminished in the higher realm of unity is a question that doesn’t make sense, for it is based on a concept that doesn’t exist there. Unity is not founded in a system of weights, measures, and scales, for each expression of the divine is unique, and is relating in a unique way, much like fitting together multiple puzzle pieces. This is why ideas like cheating, betrayal, and jealousy do not exist in unity, they are concepts that are only found in separation. You cannot add or take away from love, but you can uniquely experience it.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“Your reality is the outward manifestation of the collection of your beliefs and truths. Beliefs are the programmed experiences of your mind, while truths are the wisdom found in your heart. A collective reality is an agreement made by a group of individuals to experience life within a set range, to assist in both personal and group evolution. It is however possible to break free from a collective reality with truth, as Jesus stated, ‘the truth will set you free’; in other words, the heart will set you free from your beliefs.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“Truth begins as an inspiration passed down from the higher to the lower, is translated by the mind and becomes a belief, then it is either processed and integrated between the heart and mind, or it becomes a law and boundary that prevents it from becoming a manifested truth (although not all laws and beliefs stem from truth). When it is eventually integrated through experience, it culminates with the manifestation of living your truth, until the whole process begins again and the evolution of truth continues. All things expand and evolve, even truth.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“Anytime you make a decision by weighing your options, you are in your ego, and anytime you make a choice based on what feels best to you in the present moment, you are in your heart. It is important to practice present moment relating by making decisions based on what feels aligned with your soul’s purpose, however, the ego will make counterfeit choices based only on fear and survival. Your ego will relax more and more when it is allowed to see that your heart based choices really do bring freedom, safety, and love, and it can then transition into its new role of enacting those choices.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“In our current reality, the heart makes intuitive choices while the mind makes choices based on measuring the possibilities, making a judgment, and then choosing. The two often clash, with the heart ultimately serving the mind, however, this power struggle has enabled the mind to remain in power. Once the heart stops resisting the mind, the mind will be allowed to see through the shortcomings of cost benefit analysis for itself; this will empower it to let go of its role of decision maker and master, to stop worrying about the future based on past experiences, and will once again serve the heart–which resides in the truth of the present moment.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“There is no need for judgment when you are following your intuition, for you will always be attracted to that which feels best in each particular moment; this is divine flow. The mind makes rigid confines of nationalities, religions, families, businesses, workplaces, and marriages; forcing intimacy and holding it together by judgments, guilt, and shame. These same rigid confines become liberated and expansive when you are guided by your heart.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“Measurements always spring from the survival based mind / ego, it is a cost benefit analysis process that is biologically and socially programmed into us. The heart is not concerned with measuring though, with being more than, less than, or equal to, it is only concerned with intimacy and love; which is oneness, uniqueness, and unity.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“The mind attempts to compartmentalize love into this or that action, this or that feeling, and over time, weighs the good vs. the bad in an attempt to decide whether you are happy and in love or not. This is a very masculine, left brained approach to love; if you have to think about love, it is not love, it is a judgment, a cost benefit analysis, and an ego oriented thought process. Love cannot be measured, it is not a limited number of actions or languages, it does not have labels; these are all expressions of fear. Love is all languages, all experiences, is beyond action, and can only flow from the heart and be experienced from the heart–love is all, love just is.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“In the possessiveness game, there are three types of people. There are those who are resigned to experiencing their energy being drained and submit to losing; they are the victims. There are those who drain the energy of others and seek to dominate and own energy in order to win; they are the villains. The third group are those who are fiercely independent and have good boundaries, see things as mine or yours, do their best to respect such limits, resist the villains, and often defend the victims while looking a for a win/win solution; they are the heroes. All three are stuck in the game though, unable to make the shift from lack to abundance, but there is an unseen fourth option that is now available; of leaving the game and becoming an us, a we–and these are the One.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“When somebody is not feeling important, feelings of hate will boil inside of them. It is an energy that will cause them to seek ways to feel important, and they usually do so by attempting to make others feel less important. Unfortunately, they commonly find those who are resonating at the other extreme, people who desire equality or to be left alone. One side does not feel important because they are not allowed to be god/superior over the other extreme which does not feel important because they are not treated as an equal, and both are resonating at the wavelength of hatefulness. However, true importance does not come from winning or equality, but through releasing the comparisons and recognizing your true uniqueness.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“The opposite of tolerance and intolerance is oneness. In oneness the uniqueness of all things are appreciated, whereas tolerance is concerned with fairness. When things are fair they are equal, but equality is not about being unique, but about being the same. When you are experiencing oneness, you do not see the world as fair or unfair, right or wrong, and thus have no need for being tolerant of others beliefs or views, or of being intolerant of the same, you only experience compassion and gratitude for the unique choices that consciousness get to express in varying ways. We are all a unique expression of consciousness, this truth is oneness.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“At the roots of intolerance is the fear of losing a core reality. You see, an ego will do everything in it’s power to protect it’s current reality, oftentimes sabotaging or attacking all other possibilities that might be presented, while also attracting like minded individuals that help support their shared paradigm. When this joint reality is challenged, this ego collective behaves like a pack of dangerous animals protecting their territory, even going on the offensive to eradicate any resistance to their beliefs. These people are extremely insecure and scared of their reality changing, although they may have the appearance of being secure through hiding behind all manner of manipulated supporting evidence and bullying. When they are able to see through the illusion of their reality, and thus leave the game of tolerance/intolerance, security/insecurity behind, they can then experience the unity feelings of compassion and thoughtfulness within their hearts.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“A big hurdle to clearing your feelings of judgment is your judging them as bad and attempting to deny them from that space. Accept your judgmental attitudes by shining your loving gaze on them, and watch them dissolve one by one.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“As long as you live in the paradigm of judgment, you will run into massive resistance every time you attempt to “not judge” something about yourself or others. You may say the right words, and even attempt the right feelings, but the directional flow of the current reality will still push against your creational powers. You cannot create a non-judgmental reality within the dualistic paradigm of judgment, you must leave the system altogether through integration.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“When you are finally able to leave the energy of self-criticism and judgment behind, the choices you make will spring from a completely different energetic paradigm. In this current dualistic system, choices are made from a comparative, judgmental energy, “this is good, bad, or equal for me as they are filtered against my pre-programmed belief systems”. In oneness, all things are unique, therefore what is “best for me is simply a unique choice based on my unique energy, and is by intentional design”, and not through the cost benefit analysis of the mind. With the complete clearing of self-critical thought patterns, transcending this dimension’s system of judgment, the energy of commodity is dissolved and all things become unique in your life.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“Our fear of being attacked, ignored, or marginalized acts as a leash to the realizion of our intentions; and so instead of creating our designs, we flood our chosen path with self-sabotaging hurdles that slow down or block our desired outcomes. The more successful we become, the more numerous and powerful our potential attackers can be. It’s easier to criticize ourselves than be condemned, defamed, or even worse, by the unknown haters.” ~Aline Van Meer & Nathan Martin

“The dominance/submissive energy is a direct result of our parents making us responsible for their feelings. When we are submissive, we are submitting to the belief that we are responsible for the dominant party’s well-being, and when we are dominating, we are dumping our responsibility for our feelings on the submissive party. Power struggles ensue between the sides, triggering fight, flight, or freeze ego survival reactions between them throughout the relationship, or until both settle into a role and are resigned to stay stuck there. Both extremes deny personal responsibility and block all potential intimacy; the answer then is to become one with both urges with understanding, see the fallacy of the game, and relax into personal responsibility without dumping.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“To be spiritual is to have chosen the path of the light, to experience mastery is to have become one with both the darkness and the light.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“If you are speaking your truth, you are not yet living it; however, your words are the foundational step to conscious creation, for with the spoken word the heavens and earth were created, and thus with the word your life’s creation can also begin.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“Hope is for those who are in survival, but beyond surviving is thriving. To thrive, you must be a conscious creator and not ‘hoping’ to make it to the next day, month, year, or paycheck. Whereas hope is a necessary construct of the ego, thriving is an outgrowth of embodying your higher self through integrating your heart and mind.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“Shame is the lowest vibrating feeling that we can experience as humans; it is the feeling of being toxically defective within the body–and both men and women embody it. But where did it originate from? We have found that feminine shame is a projection from the masculine’s fear of seeing his own deep inability to be one with woman in a way that satisfies them both… he instead dumps on the feminine to avoid his failures as a man, and created the current patriarchal system to avoid the same. The feminine’s shame dissolves as the masculine is allowed to feel his shame within his being, and only then can he look at her without blame or projection. A problem arises though when the masculine starts to experience his shame, the feminine cannot bare to see him in pain and attempts to rescue him, thus keeping his shame projected onto herself. However, the clearer he is able to see after feeling his failure, the more beautiful she appears to him, and the more the two can experience unity together.” ~Nathan Martin

“At the heart of a critical and judgmental attitude is distrust, one side sees only the actions of others and doesn’t trust that they will change, while the other extreme is avoiding being critical of other’s actions by hoping that they will change and thus deny the current reality. Distrust originates in the self though, for once you fully trust yourself, you will pull the best through others. Your level of success is directly proportional to your belief in self–you will see it when you believe it, not the ego paradigm of believing it after you see it. Actions only prove your beliefs and level of self-trust in the present moment, they do not prove the righteousness and worthiness of who you are; coming to this crossroads is your Judgment Day.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“What most people see as humility is actually a self-sacrificial counterfeit, deflecting credit for an ego gain. However, true humility is merely the expression of self-realization, of the experiential knowledge of being ‘I AM’. Once one tastes the unlimited depth and potential of their own soul, it becomes unnatural to take credit for another’s self-discovery of unique unlimited depth and potential.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“We are taught to take responsibility for our flaws and give credit to the divine for the good in our lives, but it can’t be both ways; either we are responsible for our lives or we aren’t, either we have everything we need inside of ourselves or we must look outside for answers.” ~Aline Van Meer

“You cannot ignore the darkness within yourself; you must walk in through the gates of Hell to enter Heaven.” ~Aline van Meer

“Once you decide to stop hoping, your waiting will stop and your having will start.” ~Aline Van Meer

“Fear and hope are struck from the same mold, for fear is being afraid of something bad happening, while hope is hedging against the fear of something good not happening, or of losing the good that you already have. Both are looking to the future while being stuck in the past, and are avoiding the truth found in this present moment.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“Hope is the ultimate enabling energy; it keeps you looking to the future for your well-being instead of experiencing your feelings found in the present moment. It is more convenient to hope for something that isn’t real than to feel your depression, anger, or fear that is at the center of your unhappiness. However, if you were to fully experience those feelings, they could then be transformed into something much more real and powerful than hoping for your dreams; instead they can become the actual manifestations of your dreams.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“Many people hope for change; however, hope actually prevents meaningful change.” ~Nathan Martin

“Positive affirmations are wonderful but don’t use them to detach from your feelings. There is truth in affirmations, such as “I am joy”, however, until you know this throughout your being, it is not true in your current reality; which is ok. The affirmations are there to reprogram you, but many people often use them to avoid looking at the “negative” feelings they are having. I have heard people say “I’m just too optimistic so I am naive many times,” but can you really be too optimistic? No, but you can use optimism as a way to stay in denial or dissociate from what you don’t want to see. If you become aware of and look at what is here Now, that is when the affirmations can become truth. They can’t become truth while you stay dissociated from what you are feeling in the moment.” ~Bonnie Ka Lasher

“Hope keeps you alive in survival, but it is a boat anchor that keeps you from thriving, as it is still seeing life outside of yourself. A creator does not hope, for it gives away their power to the unknown–a creator looks within and thrives.” ~Nathan Martin

“If you are in resistance, then you are an energetic match for someone or something trying to control you, perceived or real—resistance is the natural, dualistic way of identifying control, but not the way to overcome it. To move past control, you must fully experience the reality of your perception, until which point you see that it was always just an illusion, with no power over you what-so-ever. It’s all real, until it’s not.” ~Nathan Martin

Intimacy is a pipeline through which we are able to give and receive love, without it, love cannot flow within a relationship.” ~Nathan Martin

“So often we hear that ‘if we just live our passion then all will be set free and we will live wonderful lives’; the problem is, most of us do not know what our passion is. We don’t have a clue. Which is fine, because our passion is at the core of our True selves and most of us are far from knowing our True selves. We can start uncovering our True selves though with releasing suppressed emotions, expectations, and limiting beliefs–and in that deeper self-awareness we will find our passion and it will be unmistakable.” ~Bonnie Ka Lasher

“It’s all reality until the illusion is seen for what it really is, an illusion–but until then, the illusion is still reality. The heart (or another spiritualized ego) telling an ego that all is an illusion does not stop enabling the mind and perpetuates the old paradigm. The heart must allow the ego 100% safety and freedom to fully experience the illusion; this places the ego in an unconditional ‘love bubble’ and ends the cycle of enabling, and only then can the ego find out for itself whether or not the illusion satisfies. The heart providing this will both liberate the ego and allow it to move into a place of service to the heart, instead of it’s old role as master of the heart.” ~Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer

“Religion: Politics of the spiritual texts.” ~Bonnie Ka Lasher

“To me, giving attention to my woman is best done with awareness/consciousness, applying the senses and not the mind to each experience that I have with her. If I’m touching her arm, then my full awareness is in my hand experiencing the touch of my hand on her arm. If it’s in a kiss, then my full awareness is in my lips, mouth, and tongue experiencing everywhere that they may go on her body. This is not an experience that can measured by the mind, it can only be appreciated by an open heart, and this kind of awareness will open her heart. To me, this is what women crave, not a lot of attention, but a meaningful and connected experience when attention is given. Attention given from the mind will NEVER satisfy, but attention given from pure consciousness will open her like a flower to a bee.” ~Nathan Martin

“We are told by many spiritual and higher consciousness texts and people to just change our perception of how we are feeling and that is how we transform, however, I feel that some confuse this with using happiness to bury feelings. Burying feelings only creates a bubbling cauldron sitting underneath that we are now dissociated from. It wreaks havoc that we aren’t aware of because we are disconnected from it. To change perspectives about feelings means to feel them, become aware of them, and then see the truth in them; this automatically changes our perception of them.” ~Bonnie Ka Lasher

“We are all unique but not all equal. Equality is the ego’s attempt at fairness, but in unity fairness doesn’t exist, it’s a blurred perspective that sees life filtered through expectations and limiting beliefs. Duality attempts fairness while unity breeds unique expression.” ~Nathan Martin

“The difference between surrender and resignation is that in resignation you still feel like a victim. In surrender you know you are not.” ~Bonnie Ka Lasher

“Freedom is everywhere and everything, the illusion is that there is a place that is NOT free. We are always free, we either choose to deny or to experience it. Freedom is always living your truth without ever needing to express it–it is a state of BEEing.” ~Nathan Martin

“If you are still speaking your truth, you’re not yet living it.” ~Nathan Martin

“Hell is anyplace that is filled with expectations.” ~Nathan Martin

“At the time when society moves away from monetary exchange it will not be replaced by a fair trade system either, that is trading one commodity for another. We will move into BEEing absolutely secure and not depending on an outside source for security, which means no commodity exchange and just living, giving our gifts, which are our purposes, with no expectation of anything in return.” ~Bonnie Ka Lasher

“Benjamin Franklin wrote, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” This is the spectrum of codependency, two sides of the same coin, independent people are not free, and dependent people are not secure. It is only through awakening from our dream and leaving this game behind, by finding both liberty and security from within ourselves, that we can truly thrive.” ~Nathan Martin

“A true healer doesn’t heal at all, and never uses or gives their own energy away, but empowers those they come into contact with to awaken from the dream to heal themselves. They do this with mirrors, not seeing people as helpless but as the powerful beings that they are; an expression of themselves, God, and the Universe. They have experienced self mastery in their own life, and empower others to experience self-mastery as well.” ~Nathan Martin

“The ego construct of the mind has created love as helplessness and intimacy as submissiveness; thus we act helpless to receive love and create others as helpless to give love, while we submit or dominate to experience intimacy. If we do not act helpless or submissive in society, people will not feel safe or secure in our presence, and will attack us. The only option is to move from actions and into a state of beingness and presence; we cannot act loving, we must be love.” ~Nathan Martin

“You are always in good hands, yours. I am always in good hands, mine. We are always in good hands, ours.” ~Nathan Martin

“The Democrats idealize government while the Republicans idealize business, but both are competing to be our sugar daddy by buying our love. So whose whore do you want to be? Instead, let’s let go of our consumer/whore energy (codependency), and watch our government transform to match our new level of consciousness.” ~Nathan Martin

“Intimacy: I love being authentic and true, so that love can pass from me to you!” ~Nathan Martin

“Know ‘shoulds’, know suffering, no ‘shoulds’, no suffering.” ~Nathan Martin

“In our society, we do not fall in love with people, we fall in love with our childhood expectations being met. However, the path towards unconditional love is paved with letting go of our attachments to our childhood and societal beliefs.” ~Nathan Martin

“If I touch a hot stove, pain is the messenger that tells me to take my hand off of it, and if I ignore the pain, I begin to suffer. Pain is a loving messenger from our nervous system to help us to avoid suffering. To avoid our physical or emotional pain is to suffer, and to allow others to suffer instead of letting them feel some pain is the opposite of love—as pain is a messenger of unconditional love, while suffering is caused by ignoring the truth & by listening to our (& other’s) lies. We lie to keep control; we lose all perceived control when we tell the truth.” ~Nathan Martin

“What if a gift that I give to you can be completely divorced from the gift that you give to me, and instead be married to the feeling of gratitude that we have for each other?” ~Nathan Martin

“When adults start respecting children, children will show respect to adults.” ~Nathan Martin

“People may not remember what you say, but they will remember who you are.” ~Nathan Martin

“Success comes not with money or goals, it comes with BEing and existing to the fullest extent.” ~Jonah Martin (Yup, that’s my boy!)

“Life must have the high score in Tetris, because everything falls into place exactly how it’s suppose to.” ~ Jonah Martin

“Most people treasure physical possession and what could be, but the real treasure is found within the present moment.” -Jonah Martin

“Boundaries are not telling people what to do, they are only communicating what you are doing. Telling people what to do is controlling, and controlling is always motivated by our own fears. ~Nathan Martin

“Our need to be different, separate, and the ‘only one’ to feel special in our relationships blinds us to our true uniqueness, for we are divinely connected to everyone and everything, we are ‘THE ONE’!” ~Nathan Martin

“If the truth cannot get you to where you want to be, then you’re not supposed to be there.” ~Nathan Martin

“Using anger to feel powerful is BEing in a state of powerlessness to feel powerful, it just doesn’t work!” ~Nathan Martin

“You honor me by honoring you” ~Nathan Martin

“In truth, there are no victims, just those who choose to experience life as such.” ~Nathan Martin

“Resignation is not the same as acceptance.” ~Bonnie Ka Lasher

“We are moving in a spiral, not a straight line, when it looks like we have taken several steps back, we are actually still expanding out in consciousness. There are no steps back, just spiraling out.” ~Nathan Martin

“A healer that is only focused on healing others, is using healing as a means to avoid looking at themselves.” ~Bonnie Ka Lasher